Runaway October – Follow-up

Straight after my previous post, which was the result of writing a list of things I wanted to get done before the end of October, which was four days away at that point, I got on with that list.

The result was not completing the list, but producing a kind of “Day in the Life of…” video/vlog. I’d wanted to do this kind of thing for a while, both to keep track of what I did in a day, to share something rather than just consuming Youtube on a daily basis, and also to improve on and practice talking, and talking to a camera; living on my own (with only a cat to converse with) and being self-employed and not all that out-going seemed to be inhibiting my ability to talk, like far too often I would find myself stuttering and stammering, and this was something other than being awkward around others as I had always tended to be, but because I was getting out of practice of actually talking. In addition to this, my routinely watching people on Youtube talking to a camera with seeming ease made me want to make some gains in that direction.

The piece I recorded ended up being rather strange in that I didn’t feel awkward as I would have thought, and I think this was because of how I wasn’t focused on the act of talking, but rather what I was getting on with throughout the day, even if I did end up muttering to myself rather than speaking to the camera when I got on with things. The day ended up being rather fun and productive – playing back my recording of me tying myself in knots on the yoga mat still amuses me no end. The day could have quite possibly been more productive had I not been trying to film stuff, but at the same time it was actually productive because I was filming it.

I ended up having quite a perfect day for me, something I try to do often but all to often seem to lack the motivation or drive; again, the videoing aspect helped keep me focused on doing because to stop meant there would be nothing to show in a video. Sharing what I was doing, even if it was to document it in a camera, seemed uplifting in itself, but coupled with the act of talking a lot more as I would have done on such a quite day with only myself (and occasionally the cat) for company seemed almost therapeutic also.

I began the day with reading in bed until sunrise when I then went for a run (the beautiful morning skies making me feel calm and content with what I was doing – that sense of being on the right path), you also see me partaking in some unscripted plogging! Then some exercises and that yoga. These are things I like to start every day with because the combination sets my day off well, although I don’t always achieve them.

Since there was no work for me on this day I took myself out for breakfast; using the opportunity to read some more of The Expanse series (I have now finished the third book and have some more things to say, likely to appear in a future topic).

Back home after the ride, and further taking advantage of the nice day and my motivation, I got to work clearing the gap down the side of my house; a job that I’d been putting off for far too long. In fact it was a few years since I’d had work done on the roof of my house and much of the stuff that needed clearing out was the result of that work (a mound of stray pebble-dash for one thing). With a all the loose stuff out of the gap and the ground level back down to where it should be, hopefully low enough to keep my bathroom floor dry (unless it’s a roof issue); the floor had been getting wet which was affecting and damaging the laminate flooring I’d recently put down (and I didn’t want to see that effort undone so soon).

In between that work outside I needed to get the recorded video off the camcorder I’d used to do my morning vlog. This ended up being more of a task than I’d expected and I went down various dead-ends with my efforts, the start of which is seen in the video but I shall document separately just for the sake of it.

Basically the whole process of me recording, converting and editing that one day of vlogging took a whole week, and I still needed to upload it. The resulting video was over 20 minutes long, but that was 1.5GB and I have slow internet. Yesterday I was out for the evening so I set that to upload, but when I got home something had gone wrong and it hadn’t completed or progressed all that far (Windows 10 is wonky on my main computer and it persistently tries to install updates and insists on restarting, for which the process fails; I suspect this occurred while I was out). Today I got the upload to continue where it had left off, and some hours later it completed.

All too often I have these projects that end up being more involved than I expect them to be; hitting hurdles along the way that mean jobs get stopped and started, or stopped and forgotten about, or sometimes not started in the first place because I procrastinate about what lies ahead. I like the days where things are calm and my head doesn’t feel like it’s being spun round in circles; that day above just about managed to be one such day, with me being cheerful and content with what I had achieved, even if not everything was resolved.


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