Runaway October

Before I knew it, the clocks had changed, or rather, one did and the others hadn’t, because they need doing manually, and I hadn’t realised it was that time already.

I also thought we had a week left of October, to get things done, and alas there are barely four days remaining. So I write up a list, as I do, of things I want to get done before the end of the month and, as usual, there is too much; too much stuff I keep putting off, and a list too long to be achievable; believe me, it’s over ten items long which is always my list limit (my actual number of things achievable from any one list is actually far less).

There’s car stuff, judders and leaks, bathroom stuff, leaks and drips, garden to do stuff to (although I did successfully separate my rhubarb plant into many rhubarb plants) books to read about Stargate Conspiracies (which delves into so much more), Arabian tales (1001 nights), and the third instalment of The Expanse series, which strangely ties back to those Stargate Conspiracies. There are computers to tweak; I’ve been participating in SETI@home ahead of schedule (compared to last year) since I usually wait for the clocks to change, but instead have been crunching since the SETI WOW event back in August; still not all of my machines are running as I need them to be.

There are those few walks up and around Snowdon that I did and wanted to document further, and edit more photographs of, and return to; we have a couple of days of nice weather forecasted so maybe I’ll do that… but also I want to cycle some more miles and also get back into running as I’ve neglected that for a few weeks. I’ve also neglected my yoga’ing lately also (the weather is rapidly cooling here making it all the more important for me and my aches and pains). I’m always trying to manage my energy and motivation by not overdoing things one day, leading me to under-do things thereafter; this rarely seems to work though and I end up with some down-days where I lack the effort to do much at all, or focus on what I want/what I put on any sort of To Do list. I’ve been trying to develop daily and morning routines to combat this and they worked for a while (as they tend to do) and then they slip. Which is why I now try and claw back my efforts for the end of the month. I’ve yet to get model-railwaying into a daily or weekly routine, for which I remind myself regularly (I’m like a nagging wife to myself, which is odd because I’m generally thankful for being single and not having to put up with a badgering partner).

As always (mostly) there is guitar ‘practice’ where I tell myself I’m going to practice some songs to improve on them to a point where I can upload a recording, when truthfully I just do what I normally do and play along to stuff for an hour, wear myself out, ready to do the same all over again a week later. I’ve done that for years! I “recently” acquired an old karaoke machine that has been fun to use in conjunction with my guitar amp for some encouraging effects, so that has provided a little extra kick lately, but nothing quite yet recorded well enough to develop into something ear-worthy.

I have also acquired other things including an old laptop that I need to fix up and do away with, an old video camera to at least do something with and do away with, or just do away with, and a pile of other things to simply do away with (aka list on ebay).

So that’s pretty much my list, as it were, albeit in paragraph form so I could at least get something posted.

Oh, and it’s Halloween in a few days so I need to bake some cakes.

Thanks for reading!


  1. All I can say is I’m glad I’m not you. I don’t know how you can take on so much without losing your mind. There’s an old wise saying that has much to commend it ‘ don’t bite off more than you can chew ‘, but my guess is its your particular lifestyle. I’m 77 and lead a slow steady existence occasionally falling asleep in the arm chair in the afternoon.
    I have a small dog to walk and often leave just after dawn walking very slowly about a mile. Contrary to popular belief dogs don’t want to go anywhere they follow their noses and enjoy sniffing around. The morning sky now is magnificent before sunrise , Orion at its highest due south and it’s pretty clear here on the coast.

    • I certainly understand what you’re saying about losing my mind from doing too much, but then I get anxious about doing too little.
      Today I’m on the go, logging my day’s efforts on video with the view to having something to share on Youtube by the end of the week – I got out for a short run this morning, enjoying clear October skies just before sunrise, but after the stars had already been blotted out; I often look for Orion in the evenings, I wouldn’t have thought to have looked for it this morning as it was a little too late by then.
      Dogs do indeed love sniffing around following their noses, I feel sorry for the ones whose owners drag them along for “their” walkies without giving them chance to live how they want to live – taking the world in one sniff at a time. I try my best to share life with my cat in a relaxed manner, rather that dictating to him as other “owners” might; he’s currently outside enjoying the afternoon sunshine, where I need to head off back to to get some work done in the garden… something about no rest for the wicked; I’m not sure what that’s about.

  2. ‘ Live how they want to live ‘ now there is the secret of existence. Orion won’t be visible in the evenings for awhile but it’s coming ; last night I spotted the Pleiades so I had to get my binoculars to see this sparkling gem of the heavens.

  3. Ah Brian, I know that battle so well… and the guilt that comes from believing that I am wasting time! Last night I thought I had wasted too much time yesterday… but then I realised I had completed 5 online consultations, taken my daughter to work, picked her up, took her to her second job, did some food shopping, went on an errand, and then attended kickboxing. I always intend to do something at night, but am usually exhausted! I had been busy but hadn’t done enough to take my life forward. But then, I am trying to cherish the days and not wish them away. Like you, I have a thousand things I ‘should’ be doing, want to do, intend to do… and I am scared of becoming someone who plods along to old age and the grave. But maybe life is easier to live that way!

    • Writing up a list helps! Sometimes I take the time in the evening to sit quietly and write down what my day involved; creating a list of what I did, particularly when I might be wondering where my day went or what exactly I achieved.

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