Another Trip Out – Beddgelert Forest

A week after my walk up Snowdon, I fancied another trip out. However, I was indecisive about where so I drove to the same point, looked up at another cloud-tipped mountain and drove on a little further. More people had been arriving at the Rhyd Ddu car park so perhaps they were expecting clearer weather, either way I wanted away from other people.

I spotted a sign for another car park and followed that before deciding my recently acquired car really wasn’t sounding happy on the rough track and made my own parking space; being no longer the summer holidays there was plenty of space to choose from. I then headed off on foot, before first returning to the car collect my camera which I realised I had left in the footwell, and then set off once more.

Nice views ahead… would I be climbing that? Perhaps not…

On the map below you can see the route up Snowdon I took last week (purple) and a rough idea of where I walked this time in Beddgelert Forest.

There are a number of paths to either walk, or mountain-bike in the Forest, with helpful signs to assist. My main focus was the small lake, Llyn Llywelyn, which was easy to find.

A nice place for picnicking
Views beyond the lake…

I then decided to find my own way which involved wandering off the beaten path and off up through trees in search of another path, hoping to get up those slopes beyond the lake.

It was fun terrain with bounders and tumbled-down trees to clamber over, and under, and streams to hop too; it was like combining hiking with a yoga workout – although “tree pose” took a whole new meaning when I found myself either getting entangled by my rucksack, or lifting myself up and over wet moss-covered logs by thinnest of branches. At least I’d chosen better footwear this week.

I wanted to try and get up those slopes that were beyond the lake, but I didn’t quite make it that far as I was pressed for time, needing to visit some clients on my way home, and progress through the trees (and out of them) was slow-going since there was no path for me to follow and lots of obstacles including areas of deforestation.

There were some nice views of Snowdon though; the cloud had cleared away from the top after-all.



  1. I may have asked this before, have you ever thought of metal detecting? Being a techie, I’d imagine you’d enjoy it. And with such rich history on the Isles, you’re bound to find some interesting stuff.

    • I had a toy metal detector as a child… to do it properly though I believe you have to get permission of the land owner, and it’s not always finders-keepers I think… never thought about doing it.

      • I had a medium powered one a number of years ago, it was an enjoyable pastime. Yeah, in your area, no doubt you have to make-a-deal with the land owner – share 50/50 – kind of thing. I bet you’d enjoy it.

    • I was wearing “walking shoes” on the trip up Snowdon, and non-rain-proof at that, so once they got wet… well the flesh on my heel didn’t like that. I wore boots on this next trip; much better.

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