Old Web Wednesday #4

Kicking off this week’s OWW, where I share old websites I’ve recently landed on, we have the Texas Delorean Club.


While this page is current I actually landed on 2016’s Gallery page and it immediately had me thinking this was an old site. Indeed, the Gallery dates back to 2005. The “Home” page incidentally states: “Best when viewed with IE 9.0 or later” – the kind of thing websites of old would have. The website also features a Guestbook, and while I rarely see these now this has entries from 2007 right up to the present. There is a Links page, so let’s see what else we can find…

Bob’s Delorean Pages


This site, with nicely titled background, has a Copyright notice “2001-2009” and the About page states: “These pages have been tested with Firefox 3.0, Safari 3.1, Internet Explorer 7, and Google’s Chrome at a screen resolution of 800 x 600…” I remember testing my websites at such screen resolutions! I’m surprised Netscape Navigator hasn’t been mentioned…

Next up: “The Projects of Rich W.


“Rich W. is a DeLorean enthusiast who has dedicated a large portion of his time restoring DeLoreans to keep them from being scrapped.”

It seems Rich W. only maintained his interest and website between 2002 and 2004, if the Car Shows section is anything to go by. I do like the “splash page” visitors to the website arrive on.

And then we have a “Last Notice”…

I had landed on the website for The Delorean World Tour:


I was faced with the following sad notice:

Dear Reader of these words.

The Delorean World Tour Team says good bye! WHY? Because it´s done.

The Delorean World Tour idea was born in 2010 and up from this time Wolfgang spends 7 years, thousands of hours of his lifetime and some hundred thousand Euro to bring this vision to reality and make this dream alive. We developed solutions like no one did before, we made modifications like no one believed that they are makeable, we gave four rubbish cars a new existence and brought them back on the road, drove three of them around the complete planet earth, reached our targets day by day and did a lot for the reputation of the Delorean DMC12 … Goodbye and take care of you, your family, your friends, neighbors and all the other people on this wonderful planet.

This is one of those times when a website project reaches its natural end and this is actually acknowledged rather than let things go quiet without explanation; somewhat eerie to read though.

Don’t ask how I ended up on pages about Deloreans… I’m a fan of Back to the Future.

Click here for last week’s OWW:

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