1. Once got banned from facebook – was reorganising and uploading a lot of photographs and documents on a family history accout I run and it flagged as suspicious or unusual behaviour. Was not happy but after about a week it came back again. Awful company.

  2. I’ve made quite a lot of sales on Zazzle but had no luck at all with Society6, which all seems to hinge on whether you get likes on your designs before they even show up in the main shop. I agree the Society6 upload is slow and there are no editing tools.

  3. i also got suspended from redbubble and it took them 1 month before i got my account reinstated. you’re lucky it took you 1 week. it stated in my email that my account got caught in spam filter.

    my complain in society6 is slow upload. i hope they also have same feature from redbubble where you can copy settings from existing work.

    i have no sale on society6 as of now.

    im very lucky on redbubble. mostly stickers

    • I was lucky I’d only just signed up; it was a rocky start. Thank you for sharing your experience.

      I have heard before that stickers are popular; you have some nice designs!

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