I am a Plogger!

I just discovered that Plogging is a thing.

When I go out for my morning jog I often find discarded drinks bottles and cans, and as I’m returning along the road that leads to my house I will pick these up and put them in my plastics recycling box; it bothers me to see litter, especially on my street and while the council do send out litter pickers I’m not sure they target my road, and I’d rather not ignore it in the hope it will disappear on its own while in the meantime acting like kibble and leading others to believe tossing stuff out of a car window is okay… it’s not.

When out cycling, while it’s a hassle to keep stopping to pick stuff up, I will also collect discarded animal feed sacks as I can reuse these for storing firewood.


On BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show, the topic of Plogging is covered. I now know Plogging is a thing!

You can read more about Plogging here:


    • Maybe that’s just sedate plogging. Drinks bottles and cans are the common ones on my road. Then when cycling I see entire wrappings of fast food takeaways; McDonalds seems a popular choice here. Other times it’s whole carrier bags of “food” wrappings. I can’t understand the mentality of someone who would chuck a whole bag full of stuff out.

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