Old Web Wednesday #3

Just in time for this week’s Old Web Wednesday I discovered this gem of old-skool web: takingcareofbusiness.com

I assume it’s an old website rather than a current website using out-of-date styling, since it’s the only old website I’ve come across this week I thought I’d go into some detail on this one, even if the bottom of the home page does state “Copyright 1996 – 2018“; here are some of the features:

  • The menu at the top includes a Links page; remember those? Webmasters would reciprocate links on such pages so that both parties might improve their search engine rankings. Some of the links on this page actually still work, more on this below!

  • There’s also a lack of About page, not all current websites (or blogs) adhere to this, but it’s good practice in my opinion.
  • The website’s title font is simply bold, and red; nice!

There is a plethora of in-your-face gifs, some are even animated:

WordArt anyone?
  • There is a request to Bookmark the site; who does this now?
  • The website offers website design services, and even “boasts” the use of Microsoft FrontPage and while I still use it discreetly Microsoft discontinued Microsoft FrontPage back in December 2006 and the internet has move on a lot since then.
  • Just as I recently blogged about, it makes wonderful use of old-style tables.
  • The website lists a “1998 Chaparral 2335 Limited Edition Power Boat For Sale By Owner”; I wonder if it’s still available…

NerdWorld.com search engine

I spotted NerdWorld.com on the Links page of the above site (last updated on May 05, 2004). I’d never heard of this search engine before and while the website itself was no longer accessible I was curious enough to delve deeper.

Websitelooker.net states nerdworld.com was created in 1997 and last updates in 2011. However, I did find that NerdWorld.org was still live, and deliciously-dated-looking; maybe it’s a different website entirely:

And from there I found my way to a current website called Messy Nessy Chic which has a page dedicated to Things Found on the Internet Today, as well as a whole section on Nostalgia:

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