Old Web Wednesday #1

To begin this topic I want to raise the following two points:

  • History Anxiety
  • Old websites

That first one I just made up; I don’t think it’s a thing as such, but I often find myself clearing out old stuff I have published online. I was doing just that on my this here blog; taking down the oldest posts and filing them away, perhaps for regurgitating into a different form at a future point in time. Part of me thinks I should leave everything up for posterity, while the overriding feeling is one akin to anxiety, hence the term, History Anxiety. I think also that I feel more relaxed once I have a good clear-out, whether it be of material things, or digital stuff. If something no longer Sparks-Joy….

The second point is about how I can find myself coming across old content online from others, whether it be a website, blog, Youtube channel, Twitter feed, or whatever. This seems to be an increasing issue; I began my time online back in the 90s when everything online seemed new and everything appeared in its infancy. Over the years many websites, from the popular to the obscure, have come and gone, or changed beyond recognition. Sometimes finding old stuff is depressing, especially if you consider the time and passion someone put into something, while other times there is still usefulness or entertainment to be gleaned from it. Beyond this the very style of old websites can be fascinating and endearing to me, while perhaps to others they can simply look dated and crap.

One blog post I came across, on my own here blog, which was ready for archiving was on this very topic of ‘The Old Web’. Rather than just delete it I thought I would make something of it; let’s make this Old Web Wednesday?!

Old Web Wednesday, as I declare it, is where I look back over the past 7 days and share the old online content I have stumbled upon. Lets wonder where the creators (the webmasters of old) have gone, and what they’re up to today; and if we’re really brave, send them a random message about the content they’ve left us here to find! Feel free to share your golden nuggets of nostalgia in the Comments section below.


I recently blogged about this book I read, however, it was created following the trip that it documented and formed out of blog posts from a blog that no longer exists in its original form. It is however possible to view it on the ‘Wayback Machine’ (something I intend not to use too often for this topic as it can avoid the point):


LGR aka Lazy Game Reviews

This week a popular channel on Youtube, LGR, celebrated ten years of posting videos. For this he created a video using one of the cameras he used at the start and talked about things back then. While he still thoroughly enjoys creating his videos (and many people enjoy watching (and listening to) them), I discovered he did for a time publish to a blog. While it was only last updated back in 2015, he has posts dating back to 2011, so I think worthy of note here:




  1. Old Web Wednesday, aka Oww!? I too suffer from history anxiety, from the fear that something particularly stupid I said or did years ago may come back to haunt me. I suspect politicians and film stars suffer from this too

  2. About 15 years ago I heard the expression “the new dark ages” referring to electronic content that is eventually deleted or becomes inaccessible/unreadable (like cassette tapes for many people, or Word docs from the 1990s if you don’t know how to enable Word to read them, or my 8 inch LSI-11 floppy disks from 1981). It is also not beyond the bounds of possibility that a lot of online content could be lost (think compromised servers through extreme climate change). Hard copies give some chance of preserving things (you can use self-publishing tools to create quite nice, low-cost paperback books, but obviously not for audio/video). If it’s really important then get an ISBN and send a copy to the British Library to get it in their catalogue. Even these things might not work in the end, in which case you might wonder “why bother?”

  3. History anxiety is a great term! I leave behind old blogs and social media profiles a lot trying to reinvent myself if I feel they are beyond the point of scrubbing clean and starting over. Look forward to more in this series.

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