Razor LOL

I had just got finished watching a documentary on Youtube about mass consumerism and then MSN throws up an ad for a razor blade trial set for £3.95… you know, the face-shaving kind, for men.

Not expecting something for “nothing” I was proven correct in my assumption when the £3.95 delivery fee was stated, and then further along in the process that, once I signed up, unless I un-signed up I would be faced with a recurring bill of £14.00 every 2-5 months. If I was to sign up then it would only be to get that first initial razor, so would it be worth it, for £3.95?

I hopped over to Amazon to look up the price of my current blades from a brand I wont mention but begins with a G (and likely aren’t my cheapest option but I’ve always used them) for which I always buy in bulk, and I calculated the per-blade price to £1.50. So no, “Harry’s” offer wasn’t a good deal. Their recurring bill for 8 blades was more than I usually pay, although not by a huge margin, but I’d simply never get through that many blades in 5 months anyway; I tend to use a blade until it starts attacking my face, although Harry’s do sell a post-shave “Mist” that might help with that…

The fun didn’t stop here though.

I clicked on through to Harry’s About page and learned this:

Our team of more than 600 engineers, designers, craftsmen, and chemists make our products from the finest materials and ingredients…

Holy cutlass, that’s a lot of Oompa Loompas people to make a few razor blades and mix some “gel/mist” and stitch some travel bags together.

Further down the page the amusement wasn’t over…

…founders, Jeff and Andy, created Harry’s because they were tired of overpaying for overdesigned razors

(I was just wondering why the company was called Harry’s; I thought perhaps Prince Harry was their main customer or something).

Personally I’m more tired of all the other stuff one supposedly needs to have a shave every once in a while, like pre shave “balms”, gels and mousses, lotions that “soothe”, post shave “mists”. I’ve had gift sets of such things and find them all to be little different and you can quite easily mix-and-match how you use them, as far as shaving goes, with no ill-effect, only the excessive packaging makes me woozy. Who could be bothered with the rigmarole of applying a pre-shave “thing”, followed by doing the actual shave, to then wash that off and then apply a post-shave “thing”, and then aftershave? While I was cycle/camping earlier this year I made do with free soap dispenser soap as a shaving “gel” because I find it works just fine and I like to travel as light as possible, it also works fine as a shampoo and shower gel. #cheap

As a side footnote, I found myself perusing the Bible yesterday, and in Leviticus 19:26 it states, according to God, “You must not shave the hair on the side of your head or trim the edges of your beard.” This is mentioned alongside witchcraft I must add.


  1. I’d rather have my palsy-afflicted grandmother shave me with a straight-razor.

    So, Gawd, gives a shit about the hair on your head. What about the lint in your bellybutton?

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