Strange Things Happen When Someone Dies

Following on from my 36 Days of Lenormand I finally got around to reading a book that had sat on my reading pile for over a year. The book had been sold to me by a client of mine and at the time of receiving it I tried to read it but I quickly realised that I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to do so.

I’d felt a bit of pressure to read ‘Strange Things Happen When Someone Dies‘ and leave the author Alec Laidler feedback as part of an agreement we had made; he’d left me feedback about the work I’d done for him. For over a year I carried this burdensome agreement!

Perhaps it was the Lenormand cards and the research I had done following my discovery of those which had got my mind in the right gear. Now when I picked up the book I found myself absorbing it far more easily.

Alec Ladler writes of his experiences following the death of his wife. His is a very open and honest account of his grieving experiences. A lot of us will surely find some common ground even though we all grieve in variety of ways.

Alec essentially found himself on ‘the right path’ through his experiences and this is a positive outcome we all have the opportunity of experiencing when someone close to us passes on. I’ve had my own variety of experiences dating back to my very early childhood, in fact before my first conscious memories, when my dad died. Further into my childhood grandads died, later into adulthood an aunty before more recently my stepdad. Along with others in between. With all of these experiences I can see my own path of learning and acceptance, from being upset and frustrated and a sense of myself being a victim, to now not feeling like I lost anyone at all because I see how all of these people shaped me, influenced me, and still do.

I worked my way through Alec’s account pretty swiftly and as I approached the end of the short book I wondered, jokingly, if Alec might be getting in touch soon for my assistance again – it had been a while. Sure enough, within a week or so he phoned me for help. When I met up with him I smiled at him and explained how I suspected he might be contacting me since I had just finished reading his book. We laughed and while getting on with the work for him we had a good chat over the various topics raised in his book and others.

Like with the topic of cartomancy, or astrology, or even religious discussions, I find people can either come across as genuine or fake, with the latter camp sometimes seeming to be brainwashed or deluded in what they are spouting, or trying to sell you on their belief system – it can feel like they are doing this on purpose whereas they are likely oblivious to how they come across (maybe I’m the same way to some people!) With Alec there was none of this and it was refreshing to be reading and talking about these topics in a way that was all perfectly acceptable and plausible – we should all be free to believe and see the world in however way we want if it’s helping us along a good path.

Then while this blog post sat waiting to be made live (on a day when I wasn’t publishing ones about Lenormand cards, dreams or neuro linguistic programming) another person I knew died.

Wally Needham, March 2019

This time not a family member but a local character and familiar face called Wally Needham passed away. Occasionally Wally would feature in my cycling videos where I would play Where’s Wally (the British version of Where’s Waldo) and often people I met would ask me if I knew him since we both cycled the roads of Anglesey so often. Indeed Wally was always always a cheerful chap and we would stop and chat from time to time – as many others have been fortunate to do. At 89 he lived by simple means – drinking only hot water and perhaps living off cat-food (so a rumour goes) – a bike being his main source of transport, just like me – I found him to be an inspiration yet he would always remark how amazing I was to be doing what I do; “working with computers and cycling everywhere!” I always tried and throw such compliments back at him, trying to get him to see that he was the impressive one, but he would have none of it.

He had a keen interest in such things as wildlife campaigns and over the years he had me tap into the world wide web for him, to find him information, send emails, and print off things of such nature – something he had no ability or interest in doing himself; I was the genius in his eyes, Dr Oppenheimer he jokingly nicknamed me – I reminded him of the theoretical physicist although I’m pretty sure this began before I grew my hair long. The last time I bumped into Wally he had asked me to print off some of the latest news from the Born Free Foundation’s website for him for him to collect from me when passing; it was just yesterday that I had got something printed off ready for him – now it waits here on my desk and it pains me to consider I’ll be not be seeing him again to hand it to him.

It troubles me somewhat that I’ll likely be away on my travels at the time of his funeral, but I’ll be riding my bike and he’ll be impressed with that. I’ll be taking him along with me, rather than breezing past him for a change!

Further tributes can be found here:…/more-tributes-wally-needham…

Anyway, to end this post as originally intended, below is a video of Alec Laidler doing an interview relating to one of his previous books on a similar topic to the one I read. He has other books in the pipeline.



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