SETI@home – March 2019

As expected I have now been overtaken in the SETI@home UK standings; I now drop back to 9th.

I have actually dialled back my effort somewhat; my electricity usage is half what it peaked at back in January, and while the weather has turned somewhat nippy again here, I expect to keep things down until the end of March when I typically go about switching everything off until October.

My Total Credit has just topped 145,000,000, so that’s a nice figure to end this stint on.

In looking ahead, it seems that my next target (currently in 7th) is some 20 million credits away and doing the maths indicates that it will be hit-and-miss as to whether I can achieve that in my October 2019 to March 2020 stint. The only way to mitigate this will be to closely trail that target until then. I’m not sure I can justify the electricity usage for that.

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