SETI@home – January 2019

This is a quick SETI@home update to report that I have now taken 9th place in the UK after finally overtaking someone who is no longer participating.

I expect to climb into 8th place next month (February), but I will only hold that place for a while since the person down in 13th place has a Average credit score more than three-times greater than my own that sits around 100K and is set to overtake me.

I am holding back a little since the weather here in the UK seems pretty mild for the time of the year and my computers have been keeping me warm enough without me burning through any more electricity than I have been; it has been around 10 degrees C outside where I am, and with little wind, although next week looks like it might drop down to a chilly 3 degrees so I might keep all of my computers switched on and crunching more then.

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