My bike broke me, (and I broke my bike)…

(…but you knew that part already.)

I just discovered this post in my Drafts folder, having written it last month and thinking I posted it already (not that I haven’t done that before!) It was part of the “My bike broke” topic, which I began as one post but then it got too long so I posted the part about the bike, and then I was going to post the rest (about me being broken) in a separate post.

Okay, I’m not really broken, and I’m not sure my bike is (entirely) to blame, but for a while now I’ve had what has materialised (and been self-diagnosed) as tendinitis in my foot. It could have been from the running, or too much sitting after running and/or cycling, but it seemed to be sparked off by insect bites (namely fleas) that plagued my ankles many months ago. I could blame the cat for that, but to be fair (on him) my house seemed to contain some bugs since before I moved in many moons ago; even though there were no carpets, or seemingly anything for them to live off, or on… except maybe those little mice I mentioned in my previous post (since it was left empty for a while).

Anyway, I think I’m on top of all that now; the fleas were tackled with a mixture of eucalyptus oil and water in a recycled spray bottle (1:10). The advice (and the suggestion) I found for that online was to repeatedly spray around all the floors (corners and edges in particular – under my desk was the most annoying spot) and keep hoovering. I actually found spraying the stuff on my skin after being bitten worked wonders for wiping out the itchiness, whereas the spraying round the room perhaps not so effective (or it takes daily dosing to make an impact). But, alas, the repeated nibbling lead to the tendons in my ankle (the left one curiously) being inflamed slightly (at least that’s the connection I made), leading to discomfort when walking down the stairs in the morning (in particular) and my ankle being somewhat clicky (like my wrists are; I’ve always had that, I guess from being a slim person I’m quite prone to clickiness). The spray stuff didn’t cure that, but yoga is helping now. I turned to yoga (perhaps originally) to help when my wrists got painful from too much computer use; I find it a wonderful go-to therapy, even if I can’t quite manage to set it permanently as a daily routine.

I once had a bee sting my wrist (I was cycling down a hill and it got wedged under the edge of my wristwatch at 30mph!) and the swelling of that caused tendon pain and stiffness for a few days until it cleared up, hence me suspecting the flea bites for this latest issue (I think this was back in my pre-yoga days).

I’ve actually had some time off from yoga; I found it worked well for me during the winter months when my legs (in particular) felt stiff (yes, from all the cycling and running), but the summer months seemed to alleviate all that and made me feel too warm to be doing all that bending and stretching (another reason I’m going to miss the summer). But I’ve gotten back into it now somewhat (the weather cooling down and me really needing to do something about the foot spurring me on). I’ve found that really any yoga routine that either focuses specifically on the feet or the whole body where you can choose to think about/focus on the feet throughout, helps; just like you can (and should) focus on your breathing throughout any yoga routine.

So that’s me on the mend (or at least experiencing less of an issue), and the bike is doing fine with its new back wheel. Win-win.


  1. I think it might be something to do with the drought – I never usually get bitten but this summer I had bites all down my legs and arms, a couple of which swelled to the size of a small teacup. I used something herbal OH gave me (not sure what) which helped but even eating lots of garlic didn’t stop me getting bitten

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