Cold Shower Tuesdays

Well, not only Tuesdays, but there is a song by Bowling For Soup from back in 2002 with Cold Shower Tuesdays as the title so it seems fitting. It’s the type of song I listened to back in my 20s by a group of lads singing about girls and general teenage angst, like Blink 182 and The Ataris who I still listen to fondly. This one has the seemingly pointlessly-worded verse:

Campfire cookies
And John Hughes movies
Jr. mints & cold shower Tuesdays
November shivers and rearview mirrors
And the little things like that


The topic of this post is cold showers, and, well, how I’m going to miss this summer… for some reason. Nothing particular happened this summer compared to others, but as the sunny days leave us (here in the UK at least), the evenings draw in, and things get colder, I’m kind of wishing it wouldn’t end/I’m already longing for the next. Maybe I’m turning into an old man, and fearing the colder months; I hope not but I’m starting to appreciate (already!) why old people go abroad in the winter months. I’ve always liked the colours of autumn and frosty winters; aren’t I looking forward to these things like I normally do?

A while back I discovered, on Youtube, the topic of taking cold showers and the benefits of them. Apparently there are health benefits to be gained from putting yourself through the ordeal of being doused with cold water. I tried it once, maybe twice, and decided I couldn’t hack it; I put it down to being skinny – it was too uncomfortable and the shock of the cold water on my back would send my heart into a panic; “maybe I have a weak heart!” I thought whilst standing there shivering. I’m also prone to getting foot cramp too which being in cold water can certainly encourage. Rather that really consider that I have an underlying heart issue I just avoided cold showers; not the manliest of options, but then I’m not the most manliest of men.

That was until this summer (no, I still don’t consider myself manly!)

It wasn’t really intentional but it must have started after a run or returning home from a brisk cycle, and with the weather warm and me seeking to be cooled down and having my body refreshed by cool water flowing down it, and perhaps being too impatient for my boiler to provide water of a usually-preferable temperature, I dived in.

Or rather, I set the shower running and then briskly dipped under the sprinkles one shoulder at a time, slapped on some shower gel so I there was then no point of return (once you’re soapy you’ve got to rinse off, so there’s no going back!) and got on with it. As before, it was probably a shock to my body, but since I was so warm, and the weather was too, it wasn’t as bad as my previous cold-shower experience.

From then on, every time I came back from a run or a trip out on my bike I would avoid putting my boiler on and just dive straight in the shower. It got easier every time.

Now it’s no bother really. My heart doesn’t do that whole palpitating thing and the whole ordeal has just become routine.

I like not having to wait for the boiler to heat up and there are other bonuses I’ve considered too:

  • I’m saving money from not heating my shower water (my poor boiler is going to get a shock when I switch it on for heating in the winter!)
  • I’m using less shower water per shower because I just dive in, wash relatively quickly (no luxuriating under hot soapy bubbles), and then get dry
  • I’m saving time…

One downside is that I’m not able to save any water to flush my toilet with; you can read how I did that [here].

I do wonder though if I’ve taken more showers this summer; sometimes I would avoid taking a shower straight away after exercise and then regret it later when the bed sheets stick to me (ew, I know) – when only taking cold showers I prefer to take them straight away after returning home, and since I cycle most days, and jog others, I guess that’s a lot more showers than I used to have (this summer has been a warm one).

But, I’m wondering/worrying that when the weather gets colder I’ll start longing more for a hot shower.

I also wash my hair in cold water (in the sink), but having tried this before in cold weather found it’s not so pleasant on the scalp, like, it inflicts headache.

Anyway, rather than including the official Bowling For Soup video at the end of this post, I’ll include a nice little cover I discovered whilst looking for it:

This post’s title image is created from pictures I found on which I recently discovered.

EDIT: A week later I listened to a topic on the radio about SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder; I wonder if because I’m “missing” the summer already I was, unbeknownst to me, suffering somewhat from SAD last winter.

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