A Shout-Out to Followers

I have just gained my 300th follower (thanks to Dr Damon Ashworth) so I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my followers; it’s nice to not be rambling on into empty space (because I can manage that on my own), and that I have you along for the ride, sharing your views from time-to-time, giving me something more to think about and generally keeping me on my toes (or fingers)!

Of course some bloggers have many more followers than this, and some people just follow others in an attempt to gain followers in return; I don’t like this tactic and I have never employed this method – I prefer to follow as many people as I can keep up with, and for that they have to have content that I enjoy reading about and that which is conveyed in a manner that gels well with me. I’m not up for popularity contests; I would just admit defeat already.

This following or subscribing malarkey, isn’t unique to WordPress of course; it’s commonplace on Youtube (where a thousand Subscribers is the magic mark), Twitter and the likes.

I also I don’t think I’m capable of “pandering to an audience” i.e looking at what’s particularly popular and writing about that; I’m aware there are ways to gain more likes and followers – one of which is to follow anyone and everyone yourself, but I write whatever topics strike a chord with me. Although I might shy away from saying certain things or I might consider how something might be read vs. how I intend it, so as not to offend people (and thus lose followers!) so of course, subconsciously I could very much be pandering.

I also sometimes decide not to follow someone because they seem overly popular; I’m not sure why I do that, although I consider the same about leaving comments when there are a lot already.

It’s nice to see a few familiar faces around though; it gives the blogosphere a warming sense of community.

Some of the bloggers I follow (or should it be blogs I follow, in order to not sound stalkerish!?) I think deserve greater recognition, so without further a-do I present here, in no particular order, ten blogs I follow that don’t have thousands of followers (yet!) but perhaps should!

Life Lived Simply – zero waste enthusiast

Decluttering the Stuff – Our Journey in Decluttering, Downsizing, and The Simple/Minimalist Life

The Hidden Hoarder – Digging Out from Under the Clutter

Lizardyoga’s People – A Writer’s Life: Moments from the Life and Work of a Self-Underemployed Writer

Yorkshire Memories – A personal memoir of the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and later

The Sorcerer’s Blog – Cliff Low’s sorcerous research, experiments, and musings.

Vexman’s Thoughts

The Wellness Prepper – Is Health Your #1 Priority?

The Cosmogasmic Person – A nerd gossiping about science and stuff!

lifeasbiancablog – Expression, life, advice, stories

If you’re listed in this list then help yourself to this award (hands off to everyone else!):

For everyone else, I love you but you just don’t meet the judges standards on this occasion, please don’t unfollow me if you follow me already, or to be in with a chance next time… [figure out the criteria]!


  1. A greatly appreciated accolade, and a list to explore. Like you, I write about whatever takes my fancy. This could of course include posts about what I wear, the cosmetics I use, tips on how to get thousands of followers in just one week, how to enter into commercial partnerships and get paid to promote products, hints on parenting and lifestyle, pictures of myself showing a range of appealing facial expressions …. but actually in my case it still might not increase my following. Perhaps I’d get more if I was on WordPress instead of just providing a feed through to Blogger where it’s not easy to follow. For the moment though, I’ll just stick to what I do.

  2. Thanks for mentioning me. I don’t follow blogs in order to be followed either, but I do always check out the blog of anyone following me and sometimes find some interesting material that way

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