Ireland’s Bread Crisis

Goodmans Cuisine GBM625

I learned over on Dr Martina Feyzrakhmanova’s blog [link] that there is currently a bread crisis over in Ireland, due to the cold weather. Seemingly there has been a run on the shops with consumers panic buying.

It looks like silly herd-mentality to me; a potential shortage of something finds its way into the news, be it petrol or lettuces, and then everyone decides they need to go grab what they can. Not that we have a shortage here on Anglesey but I just happen to have my bread machine whirring away on a loaf using ingredients I keep stocked up on. #smugprepper

Today I’m going with a seeded buttermilk loaf. It sounds posh but I’m using up some milk that has turned and small packet of seeds for bread that was reduced at the supermarket a couple of months ago.

For a medium-sized loaf you will need…

  • A bread machine, as illustrated above.
  • 300ml of off milk
  • 1tbsp butter
  • 1tbsp honey
  • 300g plain white bread flour
  • 300g wholemeal bread flour
  • 1tsp yeast (added to a well in the center)
  • 1tsp of salt (added to a corner)
  • 25g of mixed seeds (optional) added to your machines seed dispenser

This is how mine turned out:


The consistency is pretty good; often I find my loafs come out a bit too compact in the bottom but this one is pretty even. The cat confirms it smells nice:


Here’s an alternative in a video I made:

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