Yoga for Cyclists with Calvin Corzine / Alo Yoga

4 videos below, or read on for my introduction.

Near the beginning of the year I discovered Alo Yoga on Youtube doing a 30 Day Mindful Movement, a challenge/sequence of yoga workouts/routines to bring in the new year. I jumped on board and followed each class with the handful of different instructors.

Since I ride a bike most days and do some running at least once a week, I find my lower body to be pretty stiff so I turned to Yoga over a year ago as a way to do some stretching and to try and regain some of my flexibility. I found some helpful yoga videos that were specifically aimed at cyclists, but gradually branched out into other channels and styles and forms and following different yogiis as my whim took me. Some instructors I gelled with, others not so.

Since Alo Yoga’s 30-Day offering swapped and changed instructors each day I was meeting with new challenges as each instructor brought their take on “mindfulness” to the yoga mat. Some were more more bendy than others, and some made me laugh when they turned all gymnast, doing handstands and crazy postures which were beyond me (although I’d like to continue working on that).

One instructor whose sequences worked well for me was Calvin Corzine, and I think by the third of his videos in the series and feeling the leg stretches he was putting me through I thought “he must be a cyclist too”.

It is helpful in such things as Yoga to find an instructor that is similar in this way to ourselves; the same gender helps, a similar mindset also, but as cyclists we gain these same inflexibilities that we have to work on. For this reason I list below each of Calvin’s four videos from Alo Yoga’s 30 Days of Mindfulness Movement. I found Calvin’s routines to be presented calmly and clearly, no fuss or ego and therefore not too showy – just right for me – and ones I plan to repeat:

That last one is a tuffy!

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