Red Pilled

Beside the fact I’m a fan of The Matrix movie, this post has hit the nail right on the head; I very much agree with the viewpoint, although I do think we are all blue-pilled to a certain extent, it’s just that some of us can often see what is being fed to us and opt for the red-pill whenever we can.

The Wellness Prepper

(I’ll post on Elsa update a bit later, but I needed to get these thoughts out of my head first!)

Many many sermons ago, our pastor talked about the movie, The Matrix. I’ve never seen it…. not a huge fan of science fiction…..but the allegory intrigued me. Hollywood does tend to mirror real life, even in science fiction.

Lately, I’ve heard the term ‘Red Pilled‘ bandied around. It didn’t even occur to me that this phraseology was again a nod in reference to The Matrix.

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  1. We may choose the red pill, but we live in a blue pill world. And regardless of affects we endure or commit, the blue pervades. Expectantly, this is the way of the oligarchs of the world; feed the peasants blue pills, while simultaneously living the red life.
    The one consolation – end the end – we all die purple.

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