New Year Resolutions – time to get them finished!

2017 is running away fast, at the time of writing there are little over two weeks left to review and complete those New Year Resolutions we set for ourselves… you did set some, right?!

#1 on my 2017 list was cycling, not that there was any order of importance to my list, but I actually planned not to set a target. However, I’ve already passed the 4,000 miles-mark so I asked my spreadsheet to tell me how many more miles I would need to do in this month, per day, to get it up to 5,000 miles… the answer was “more miles than you can be bothered with.” To put in the effort would limit my energy for the other things I’m trying to do. Such as…

#2, jogging, or “jog more regularly” to be exact. While I have run more miles in 2017 than I have previously, it’s an irregular effort, somewhat contradicting my belief system.

#3 is the same, except it’s about yoga; I can go through a phase of doing some every day, but then I don’t feel the beneficial effects so much, although not doing any for some days, especially after lots of cycling/running, leaves me feeling less flexible.

For #4 I intended to read and write more, but while I’m on target to complete my intended 30 books read, as I’ve found before, reading so much means I have less time to write, even though I technically have more to write about; it feels like my brain can’t keep up with it all. This has a similar effect to the lack of daily yoga.

#5 Last year I had hoped to complete the German lessons I had started the year before on Memrise (I think it was the year before), but it became clear that my hope was too far removed from what was realistic for me, so I made it my target to complete it this year… but again the reality of this has been called into question. I’ve made good efforts to keep on top of my practice; Memrise gives me an accuracy score and this I have used as an indication of when it’s ready for me to click the “Learn new words” button, but there are so many minor mistakes I keep making that my accuracy remains too low for me to feel ready to inflict new stuff on my brain at the rate I need to in order to meet my target. Knowing that frustration will hinder my efforts further, I just keep practising and have to forget about any targets.

Now there are a few items on my list that actually revolve around each other, even though on the face of it they might not seem to. That is efforts to work on my home: renovating, decorating and carpeting etc, along with tackling what felt like an internet addiction, namely less time in Second Life, and not substituting that for Youtube. For a while I was/felt like I was addicted to SL and I realised that in my efforts to spend less time there I might fall victim to spending that wasted time watching stuff on Youtuve instead, all of which would mean less time I wanted, deep down, to be spent on that work on my home… all of which could be thwarted by doing too much cycling!

A final topic on my list of New Year Resolutions was to produce less plastic waste. I’m a keen recycler and while the plastic I buy (namely containing food) is recycled I wanted to either avoid those foods more or find alternatives that weren’t wrapped in the stuff. The reality is that I didn’t keep that as a conscious effort so I’m pretty certain the amount of plastic I throw away (into my recycling box) has remained the same. My sister also discovered a supermarket’s bread price-reducing-time and would get a trolley full of super-cheap loafs, all wrapped in plastic, of which she would pass some to me, meaning I couldn’t justify baking my own loafs in my bread machine. That’s how it seems to be with plastic; if you can afford/justify the cost of actual proper fresh stuff then you can often avoid plastic. Some things I find online in larger quantities at good prices, such as coffee beans and nuts, so potentially less packaging, but then one has to consider the environmental cost of delivery, even if there is an immediate financial saving.

Anyway, ich muss mehr deutsch lernen…

Let me know how your 2017 efforts have been going!


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