“It’s TV, we aren’t supposed to learn.”

I used to love watching The Big Bang Theory, that was until I stopped watching television. Since then a spin off has been spun off, called Young Sheldon; the Youtube informed me of this.

I watched the trailer, or rather, I started to, but I had to stop it at the above line, which I shall repeat below in full:

[Girl] Why can’t we watch Duck Tales?

[Sheldon] Because we don’t learn anything.

[Girl] It’s TV, we aren’t supposed to learn.

That’s mostly my attitude towards what I watch although I find things to learn in seemingly non-educational stuff. We could call them excuses or justifications. Incidentally I used to enjoy Duck Tales, and I’m sure there are some lessons to learn from it.

With a lot of what I watch I find myself relating one thing to another, whether it be one plot line to another, or in some cases plot lines to biblical tales; this is nothing unique really, but I feel it’s akin to learning and a way of learning about the world. It can make watching something all in one sitting a challenge though. More recently I’ve started to question if this “teaching” is just their way of painting the world as they see it, and then I wonder how do I actually see the world if I strip all that brainwashing away?

I mean learning, not brainwashing, although some might say the hacking of the mind*

Hollywood has done a grand job of showing us how things like America looks and operates, turning myths and legends into some sort of reality, whether it be how wars were played out, how a UFO crashed at Roswell, or even just how the average American behaves (what’s normal and acceptable) and lives out the so-called American Dream. It not all about America of course, but so much is, or is from that perspective. This week there was some hype about adverts for women’s products now showing red liquid instead of blue to represent blood, and how this had lead some to believe such real blood is actually blue. If one brand’s advertising can warp your reality in this way, consider everything we’re subjected to on screen and beyond.

As for the rest of the Young Sheldon trailer, which I thought was for a film rather than a TV series, the Young Sheldon didn’t really work for me; he seemed like another character rather than a younger version of what I was familiar with – I guess I had built up my own ideas of what a young Sheldon would be like. I’ve had similar feelings about film sequels (The Matrix comes to mind), how the continuing storyline didn’t fit with my what I imagined would come next, and follow up TV series where a main character doesn’t behave how I’d like (Arrow comes to mind; far too much killing and a lack of self-restraint in that for my liking).

Moving away from TV and films and instead considering real people, sometimes we don’t get along with the people (friends or family), or fall out with people, because they don’t meet our expectations; they don’t behave or react how we would like them too. And moving away from people I can even relation to how we can get frustrated when our computers and other tech don’t behave how we’d like them to, especially if an update has just installed and changed how things normally behave – I find some people get overly frustrated at this, rather than being flexible and accepting of the change.

Whether it be a computer’s operating system going through an update, or a fellow human being growing and learning or following their own path each day and dealing with their own experiences, we have to be flexible to these things if we want to have any hope of getting along with them. With people we can’t turn the clock back to how things used to be; not like a System Restore. We can choose to avoid or ignore people though, as I find myself doing from time-to-time (more easily done online), like not continuing to watch a film, sequel, or TV series, or, ideally with other people, we can learn to get along, tolerate, or better.

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