“What scene in history is this?”

Reaching p.3598 of my set of Arthur Mee’s Children’s Encyclopedia, being on target to finish Volume 5 by the end of the year, I’m faced with six “descriptions of some famous scenes in history. Let us see if we can discover what they are [it says].” It then tells me the solutions can be found in Section 30 of Group 18.

Finding the sections and groups can be a little tricky, especially when the term “Section” seems to get interchanged with “Chapter” and sometimes then not only requiring one to flick back and forth through the present volume, but sometimes turning to others too (I’d encounter this issue more if I ever used the Index in Volume 10, but that volume in my slightly battered collection is particularly fragile). It turns out on this occasion that the particular page (3723) is the last in this volume, and is missing, torn out at some point. I wonder if there was perhaps a violent disagreement regarding the answers to the History Quiz and the page was torn out in protest.

So, lets figure this one out together! Here follows are the six scenes in history. Answers on a postcard in the comments box below. [History isn’t my strong suit, although some of these scenes sound familiar and are likely ones I’ve read about from the Encyclopedia itself.] No cheating: Google wasn’t invented when these Encyclopedias were published 😉



  1. I couldn’t identify them all without cheating – not google because I do have p3723-4. Shall I scan and send? I bet I got more than the youth of today would though.

  2. 1. The Magna Carta 2: not sure – emigres to America? 3: Bonnie Prince Charlie 4: Martin Luther’s Articles 5: Drake being informed of the Spanish Armada coming 6: Napoleon exiled to Elba

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