World Peace Day 2017

Thursday 21st September

Today is World Peace Day, or the International Day of Peace, as it is officially called by the UN, and so I got pondering once again about Peace. I also found myself clicking on a few links online pertaining to the Day until I found myself on a celebrity-riddled video on Youtube about last year’s Day. And, I have already begun reading my chosen banned book for Banned Book Week (which is next week, but the book is a long one) that falls into this topic of the arch enemy of Peace (if Peace itself could have any enemies), War.

With that video, I was barely 1 minute into it when I was told how some had taken advantage of the day to dish out polio vaccinations. I’ve learned a fair bit this year about vaccinations and therefore alarm bells began to ring in my head when I reached this point in the video. I ventured off to do a bit of research into polio vaccinations and lo-and-behold there are arguments against the vaccinations and even graphs that with a quick glance show a rapid decline of Polio just as vaccines are introduced, but a closer look actually shows that vaccines were introduced after the start of the decline (I include some links below). It seems to me, from my brief bit of research, that the medical industry choose their opportune moment to dish out money-earning vaccines just as a natural immunity or other influence kicks in.

With this in mind it’s concerning to see how a day of peace is therefore hijacked (maybe with good intention, but ill-informed) to inflict what could be a harmful scandal. Celebrities, such as those in the video, convey a strong and clear message that’s easily believed by the masses as if it’s Truth when it may not be, but not all of them with such a voice support vaccinations. Jim Carrey’s concern below was about the harmful ingredients in vaccines, and I think that was my original gripe, but the issue, as with Polio (and Smallpox), is whether a vaccine does anything beyond harming individuals and filling someone’s pocket.

In addition to this particular video on World Peace Day, I noticed a vast number of religious folk harking on about this year’s Day. It turns out they’ve been have been having a field day/week regarding the UN’s wording for this year’s Day since they have used the line “Peace and Safety” which occurs in the Bible in Revelations and 1 Thessalonians 5. Ministers have all been echoing it as if it means something, and maybe it does. Maybe whoever with powers of influence within the Day department at the UN knew full well the connotations of such a phrase and threw it out there to stir the waters, of perhaps, in that vast machine that is the UN, the person who came up with that line did so at ‘random’ and is a muggle.

Moving on to that book now and last year I wrote a blog post about the this Day, and it began about money and how that leads to war (again, the opposite of Peace). The book I’m reading is about the Du Ponts, or DuPont, the latter being the company, the former being the family, either way they are one of the richest in the US. So far I have read of their dealings with Napoleon Bonaparte, their use of slavery, their production of gun powder, and now how they supplied that to the British for use against the Germans in the first World War, and had the Germans put in a similar order for the powder as the British had, DuPont would have gladly supplied them. There is a telling line quoted from US President at the time Woodrow Wilson:

“the seed of war is the modern world is industrial and commercial rivalry.”

Returning to the vaccination video previous International Day of Peace video, the message conveyed by the celebrities was a question: “Who will you make peace with?” It was about looking at Peace from a personal standpoint (some human beings are just higher up the chain of command and have issues with those in a similar position which ultimately effects those at the lower rungs), but for me it’s not about making peace with people, it’s about living in a way that can only mean Peace. This is because our lifestyles do not lead to peace; we drive cars that burn oil, that has been fought over in lands other than our own, we consume stuff that is made simply to turn a profit (often vast) but sold to us with the promise of something more, we pollute our planet with these things and how we live and dispose of things, leading to issues that lead to tensions that lead to fear and anger and violence. We’re sold on the idea of war to solve our issues (when the root of the issue is that the system is built on domination and expansion, and fear), or they are issues others have against us as if we have no blame in any of it (so called terrorists who disagree with the/our system); it grates with me when politicians step up to give a speech about the latest act of terrorism in which innocent people were harmed or worse; I believe very few of us are really innocent these days and that’s the thing we fail to see, that we are all causes of war.

But the good thing about this Day is when the actions of the good and compassionate shine through (or good and compassion if we disassociate individuals by removing the the); it’s heart-warming to see fighters laying down their arms for one day at least, and it shows what can be achieved when they disconnect from the war machine, even if the problem-causing wheels are still turning. In the end though efforts need to persist beyond this single day, we need to view our world without our blinkers on, and lifestyles (our lifestyles) need to change, I see this with other such Days, such as World Carfree Day which comes tomorrow.

Have a peaceful day.


Polio vaccine myth, Boyd Haley, PhD –
Debunking The Polio Vaccine –
Suzanne Humphries, MD, speaking on Polio & DDT –

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