Ebay: bogus Firefox update

Since ebay don’t provide an easy way to notify them of a problem page/advert, I’ll post my issue here instead.

I was browsing some items on ebay when a small box popped up pertaining to a Firefox Update (.js). I recognised this as bogus and closed it and continued on (sorry no snapshot). A few minutes later the page redirected to a “Critical Firefox update – Download Now” page. Quite convincing with its fancy graphics but the give-away being the tuingamirite.net address in the address bar.

Worth looking out for; it would have probably hit me with some kind of virus or other nasty.

If you’re not aware, web pages/sites can detect which web browser you are using, and showing you a specific page based on that.

Shame on ebay for not providing an easy means to report such problem pages/adverts; other than to phone them, it seems.


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