Live, Die, Repeat

A film I finally watched last month was Edge of Tomorrow (or Live. Die. Repeat), starring Tom Cruise. Ironically I’d already bought it on DVD when I found it for free as part of my Amazon Prime Trial.

I’d wanted to watch it for a while, particularly because it has an element of time travel, but also because it seemed to echo one or more concepts of Scientology for which Cruise is a part of.

What I found though was a lot more and so I ended up watching the film twice, first to just watch and absorb it, then again to jot down points of interest, for which I formed the following:

  • When Major William Cage (played by Cruise) first gets killed by a Mimic, the way its blood flows over and over his face reminds me of Neo when he first leaves the Matrix/”real world”.

  • There are other things shared with The Matrix too; the Mimics, while in the extras the commentators speak of how proud they are for designing these alien creatures in a unique way, seem to me to be very similar to the sentinels, the alien creatures in The Matrix, both in how they look and behave. The way Cage “weapons up” is also similar to when Neo weapons up to go and rescue Morpheus, and the combat training they both undertake too.

  • There are a number of religious/esoteric references, beyond the whole “being the chosen one” thing; the concept of visions, death and rebirth, and blood infection/transfusions – some religious groups such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses “believe that the Bible prohibits ingesting blood and that Christians should not accept blood transfusions or donate or store their own blood for transfusion.”
  • Suicide also features and I wonder what affect these things have the soul.
  • Alpha and Omega
  • Gambling, fate and destiny
  • “Follow the Angel of Verdun”
  • The Louvre – “Cage” – National Treasure/Dan Brown and Freemasonry: “G-Squad”

Just some things to ponder 😉

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