New Recycling Boxes and Practices

In addition to the letter and things I sent to Unilever recently (see my previous post), I also had reason to write to a local supermarket I frequent, and my local council, both about recycling. What can I say, I was on a roll?

The supermarket one came about because they have a sort of membership scheme thing going on, which I paid £1 to enter, which effectively makes me a shareholder and therefore eligible to receive details about AGM goings on, for which they sent me an e-mail little over a month ago. One of the topics was Recycling and it was pleasing to learn that over “99% of members who voted supported their aim to make 100% of their packaging easy to recycle, with a target of 80% by 2020.”

While I made the point of praising them on this I did point out that while their target of 80% is admirable, their aim of 100%, will not be an achievable target until they do something more about the rampant use of plastic film that plagues food; something I have brought up before. In similar form to my Unilever Freepost return I took the liberty of sending the supermarket office some of my recent packaging by way of example.

Around the same time my local recycling service issued, out of the blue, a set of new recycling boxes and a trolley contraption for them. I was a little disgruntled about this because it was only 6 months since they had gone about issuing half the residents with a new third box (for which I was one), and the other half the three on the trolley; I assumed that was the last of that change, but it turned out not: they were planning on giving the rest of us a trolley and three new boxes eventually too. It seemed a waste that they had given us the single new box which was now not needed, indeed we are still stuck with out old boxes which are perfectly usable.

For both these letters I have received no reply, which is a shame because I have received replies from both on a previous occasion.

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