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I found some Micro Beads… and Aluminum

Due to being a guy I’m difficult to buy for when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, so people often buy me shampoo and deodorent sets. I don’t mind; it saves me having to buy any. When my current tube of shower gel recently ran out I turned to my amassed collection to select the next one and when I started using it, I noticed immediately that it contained micro beads; it felt gritty and looking closely I could see these ultra-tiny colourful flecks.

I wrote about micro beads last year and I knew they were being or had been banned since they [tiny pieces of plastic] find their way back into water supplies and have an affect on marine life, but my stock of acquired cosmetics dated back a few years, before the ban, since I receive these things quicker than I use them. Were these the outlawed variety or were the micro beads of a natural type? Either way, this didn’t feel nice to me.

I looked on the box at the long list of ingredients. Nowhere did it state that it contained “micro beads” but one ingredient that did stand out to me was Acrylates Copolymer. I looked through all my sets and found some others stating this.

I then looked at the deodorent ingredients to see if anything stood out for me here. Although I wasn’t expecting anything pertaining to micro beads, because surely they’d block the nozzle, I did find some that contained Aluminum Chlorohydrate. Aluminum what now? Do we really want a coating of aluminum sprayed under our armpits? Probably not, and in fact this made me think back to Youtube videos I’ve watched about chem trails and immunisation injections where apparently aluminum (or aluminium as us Brits prefer to call it) is used. I believe it’s claimed reason for use in deodorents, or antiperspirants at least, is to prevent perspiration and it’s also used in sun creams because it acts as a block for the sun’s rays. My current tube of sun cream, incidentally, has no ingredients listed on it, although it is an old tube (I know you’re not supposed to use old stuff) and current ones are probably supposed to list the ingredients on them now. Some people will point out that the use of aluminum in such things can be damaging (to some people more than others) over the course of a person’s life since it gets absorbed through the skin, and if you don’t think it gets absorbed, think how nicotine patches work.

I had two particular identical gift sets by Dove (aka Unilever) that contained shower gels with Acrylates Copolymer and a deodorent with Aluminum Chlorohydrate, and since there was a Freepost address on the reverse I decided to send them back to them for their disposal. I also included a polite letter explaining my reasons for return and mentioned also my dislike of their excessive packaging.

Please find enclosed two sets of your Dove Men +Care “gift sets” for your disposal.

They were bought for me a few years ago and I have only now come to use them and found that each of the Body and Face Washes contain ‘micro particles’ (Acrylates Copolymer) which I refuse to use and the Deodorents contain Aluminum Chlorohydrate which I try and avoid.

I believe that you now use an alternative to these micro particles which is good to know; it’s just a shame you chose to use them in the first place.

I also include the excessive packaging as this is not easy for me to dispose of in an ethical manner; my nearest recycling centre is over ten miles away and I don’t drive, and I would prefer for you to recycle it at your expense since you chose to create it. I can only wonder at how many of these sets were created and how many recipients took the easy option and sent the packaging to buried in the ground somewhere. Do you ever wonder such things?

I heard nothing back.

Strangely enough, after sorting through my options, the big tub of shower gel I did find to use stated Acrylates Copolymer but wasn’t gritty like the first.

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One comment on “I found some Micro Beads… and Aluminum

  1. Jen
    31 July, 2017

    I made some box brownies the other day. The mix had those little balls in it. I noticed these a few years ago and ever since they’ve been added, I get really bad heartburn when I eat them. So I don’t make them very often, which is better anyways I guess.

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