Ebay : Make Offer

So, there is an item I’m interested in on ebay and the seller has given the option of making an offer on the asking price of £38. Because I’m not in a hurry for the item, since it might take us each a day or so to respond to any haggling, I put an offer in; £35 sounds like a nice round figure. The next day I receive a reply in the form of a “Counter-offer”…

I’m left scratching my head.

Perhaps when they listed the item they had mistakenly selected or not deselected the option (since it can be on by default) but their “counter-offer” was the same as their original asking price; it seems quite silly that ebay’s system allows for this.

On a previous occasion with another seller they made a counter-offer and the difference compared to the original asking price was so slight that it was petty and pointless; they argued the cost of postage.

As a seller I like the fact that the option is there to be chosen by me to give buyers the option to make an offer if I’m open to haggling, and I hope that buyers assume that if I haven’t included the option then sending me an offer by way of a message would be futile (I have received annoying requests about having a Buy It Now price when listing an item as an Auction only, or asking if I would be open to offers without putting one forward).

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