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My reading pile…

…has grown exponentially … digitally.

I’d put off buying an eReader since (1) I never intend to buy a non-proper book, (2) My local library can often source books I want to read but don’t want to pay for. However, I’d started coming across more and more free eBooks, some of which I couldn’t get hold of/didn’t want to pay for in paper format, so after a quick bit of searching on ebay, I found a cheap-enough second hand Sony eReader… the cost being justified by reading x-number of books.

I’ve been getting used to the pause between page turns, the inability to quickly flick through a book or back and forth between appendices, or leave thumb-nail indents for points of reference (my dad used to do this along with folding the corner of the page over to mark where he’d got to; I use a bookmark), or getting over the fear of the possibility of loosing all my bookmarks if I have to reset the device.

The problem now is that in addition to my physical book reading pile, which can either induce panic attacks or gloat in the shadow of, I have a quickly expanding electronic pile of books that I’ve had to get to grips with organising: if there was previous an actual book I wanted to read I would first add it to my Amazon wish list or write it down on a piece of paper, and then forget about it, but now I can search the bowls of the internet for a free copy of what I want to read, download it in my preferred format (.epub) (or convert it where necessary), move it to my shiny new “eBooks” folder on my desktop, and copy it to the device where it ends up in a vast list of all the other books that were either already there or that I had previously added and either read or not read yet.

Ebook readers are, I’ve quickly decided, and probably decided before I got one, are messy affairs. With real books I have my area in my house for books I’ve read, some bookshelves which consists of my “To Read” pile, and then my current reading pile. Organising digital things is somewhat more stressful, I find this with the mass of other files on my computer, and the contents of my Inventory in Second Life; both get subjected to neatly and well thought out folders, with periodic stints of shoving everything away into them, for those things to never see the light again; but at least I know they’re there somewhere, if I need them, and it’s not like they are taking up “physical” space… just mind space, I guess. That’s the thing with hoarding; it’s the mind space that causes a lot of the stress.

On my eReader I’m currently reading: The Dialogue In Hell Between Machiavelli And Montesquieu by Maurice Joly, but also in my “pile” is Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion, In the Shade of the Quran by Sayyid Qutb, and Lost Book of Enki by Zacharia Sitchin.


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