National Unplugging Day 2017

Well, I keep getting my days mixed up for this National Unplugging Day lark. Last year I got it mixed up by a day, now this year I had it in my diary for today, but it turns out it was last Sunday, here in the UK at least.

Typically NUD (as I shall now acronym it) runs from sunset to the following day’s sunrise. I was going to write here how I was planning on only having my fridge on throughout the night, as I typically only do these days since I generally switch my broadband router off at night until I need to go online the next day, then I was just going to read in the evening by lamp-light. I’m actually off out this evening since it’s my nieces’ birthday, so I’ll be at someone else’s house eating their food and thus avoiding cooking my own food… a bit of a cop-out I know.

As for what I did on Sunday when it was actually National Unplugging Day, but didn’t know it, I was offline and out for most of the day, again with family. These things really only hold any significance if we are mindful of them; How do you moderate your electricity usage these days?

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