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Coffee and Biscuits?

I was just tucking into a multi-pack of McVitie’s Biscuits when I noticed a logo/symbol for Terracycle ( / / /, so I checked it out.

It turns out that Terracycle operate a recycling scheme for a variety of things that aren’t widely recycled through local recycling services, biscuit wrappers being one of them, which is handy because the crinkly wrapping usually ends up in the bin (which is why I generally avoid buying biscuits… I lapsed this month, but now I can redeem myself.)

Basically, anyone can set up a collection point for things of their choosing and potentially earn rewards, for charity it seems. You can use Terracycle’s website to find someone near you that accepts these things. In addition to biscuit wrappers I’ve found places that accept certain Tassimo and Kenco coffee packaging, anti-perspriant aerosols, and a little further afield, writing equipment.

It’s not clear how much money (for charity) you can make from the different things, and some things you have to collect a minimum amount, like the pens: 1,500. I’ll stop putting them in the bin and save them instead.


3 comments on “Coffee and Biscuits?

  1. taskerdunham
    11 June, 2017

    Been collecting silver foil (e.g. milk bottle tops, chocolate wrappers) for years – have several bin bags full on a shelf in the garage. 25 years ago we used to give them to someone who collected them for the scouts, but then we moved and it seems now no one wants them. They don’t even seem to be mentioned on the terracycle site.

    • Brian
      12 June, 2017

      I put tin foil in with food cans.

  2. paolovasari
    12 June, 2017

    Good catch! Never heard before, but it seems a great venture…and focused on sustainability and environment!

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