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Sorry, did I miss something?

In the graphic above the text sits in its own pale-coloured box, do you see it?

To some the box might be clear enough, to others you might be squinting and shifting your position (up and down can help) to figure out what I’m on about.

I use two screens and on my main one, at my usual viewing RSI-avoiding and good-for-your-back sitting-up-straight sitting position angle it’s hardly perceptible.

WordPress insists on using such a pale box (I copied their colours for the illustration) to highlight new comments. One can then scroll through their list of many comments and see which ones they haven’t replied to or acknowledged with a Like. With that pale colour I could be forgiven for missing something, but luckily WordPress has an additional alert: the bell icon.

The bell icon shows up orange when there is something new, like a message, reply, or new follower alert, except, just recently it hasn’t. Or rather, it has, but then hasn’t, sometimes. I can’t quite figure it out. Sometimes it’s momentarily orange when I load a page, but then reverts to “there is nothing new here” white. Sometimes if I’ve caught a glimpse of it being orange then I’ll click on it, and it’ll be all “oh yeah, there is something new here” and it turns orange again (maybe more in embarrassment?).

With these two issues, the pale colour and the intermittent bell warning icon colour, I’d managed to miss a few comments people had left me recently, or replies to comments I’d left them.

If I’ve missed something you said, Sorry about that. (I blame WordPress).

I’d found out by scrolling through my list of messages whilst bobbing up and down; I wonder if that’s a common alternative to the “have you tried switching it off and back on?” solution.

As an extra fix I’ve stuffed a 2mm-thick mug mat c/o the Red Cross under the front on my monitor stand, to tip the whole thing back a few degrees (since my monitor’s stand doesn’t have the ability to tilt). I’ve noticed myself slouching all too often and it maybe to assist my eyes and their search for the best viewing angle (and those illusive new messages). For the partially sighted, or those with marginally less sharp eyes than my own, WordPress’ choice of colour in that box must be nigh on useless.


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