My Youtube Diary | May 2017

I’ve noticed how my compulsion to log into the virtual world that is Second Life (excessively) has been replaced somewhat by Youtube. Being curious about just how much I had watched during the month of May, I opened up my web browser’s history and took a look there.

From this I conclude that I watched more than 100 videos, but less than 200. Certainly on average 3+ videos a day*.

Most days I would watch at least something, and I peaked at around 10 videos. They must have been short ones.

I would say that over half were informative, ranging from short documentaries, or TEDx talks and the like, to some more lengthy seminars. Some on psychology, some on physics, some on astronomy, some conspiracy theories, and some on diet, nutrition and health. There was some music, and some silliness too; like “is pulling a wheelie bad for your motorbike?” (I don’t ride a motorbike, let alone do wheelies). There was some celebrity nonsense, and in general probably far too much “why did I waste x-minutes watching that?”

*What I don’t know from the review of my browser history is how long each video was that I watched, or how much time I spent watching Youtube overall. For this I plan to actively keep a Youtube Diary for the month of June for which I will keep a record of show lengths. However, I am seeking to curb my viewing, or at least make something more of what I watch in some way or another, rather than passively consuming.

From my browser history, in order to take stock of my habit, I typed up each video that was worth noting as I scrolled through. I think there are around 20 that I haven’t watched yet as they sit amongst my browser’s many saved tabs but here is that list (if you’re curious about a particular item on the list just paste it into Youtube’s search box and it should come up):

Day 1

  1. The Science of Happiness, Motivation, and meaning | Dan Ariely (Big Think)
  2. The Speed of Light is NOT about Light
  3. The most mysterious star in the universe

Day 2

  1. The power of believing that you can improve
  2. Go with your gut feeling | Magnus Walker

Day 3

  1. Beyond Classified – Stargate Program – Lynn Buchanan

Day 4

  1. The Benefits of Living Alone on a Mountain
  1. The Flat Footed Squat: Human’s Natural Resting Position
  2. Using a 56K Modem in 2017! | Nostalgia Nerd
  3. Guess What Remote Viewers Saw in Ancient Egypt Pyramids
  4. The Great Pyramid & The Great Lie
  5. Your Third Eye Is A Lie! How to Remote View in 30 Seconds

Day 6

  1. 5 Signs You’re Not on the Right Path (And What To Do About It)
  2. 10 More ways Governments Control Your Behavior With Clever Design

Day 7

  1. Tricks for Combatting Procrastination
  2. Poison on our Plate | TEDx
  3. The 1977 Southern Television Alien broadcast interruption
  4. Carl Jung on Accepting the Darkness of Self and Others
  5. Best of Sovereign Citizen Idiots Owned 2017
  6. Exposing Steven Seagal – The Great Pretender

Day 8

  1. Playing What You Hear: The Myth
  2. David Icke – How to Survive the Hunger Games
  3. The less you own, the more you have | Angela Horn | TEDx

Day 9

  1. The Most Powerful Way to Remember What You Study

Day 10

  1. Millennials in the Workforce, A Generation of Weakness
  2. Millennials don’t Exist
  3. DARPA Insider Says Scientist on verge of cataclysmic discovery
  4. Russian Millennials speak openly about america
  5. Trump To Release Secret DARPA technology to the world
  6. Edward Snowden Leaks big news! Antarctica Hidden secrets Exposed
  7. What North Korean Defectors Think of North Korea

Day 11

  1. Poetry, music and identity
  2. Emotional freedom techniques
  3. Why Tapping (EFT) should be avoided

Day 12

  1. What are EMF’s and why are they so toxic
  2. Antarctica! Why isn’t everyone talking about this
  3. How do you build a sacred space?
  4. The monetary system visually explained

Day 13

  1. CERN! Employee [Brian Cox] spills the beans on what CERIN is

Day 14

  1. How the Elite Extract energy through rituals | David Icke
  2. Massive ship over france, china and australia
  3. Lost city of atlantis found in the north sea

Day 15

  1. The most cleverly designed tiny house
  2. Suzanne Collins, author of Hunger Games, interviews
  3. Denver international airport
  4. Esoteric agenda Fluoride/Aspartame

Day 16

  1. Why artists get depressed
  2. 12 Signs you’re highly awake | Infinite Waters
  3. The secrets of the pineal gland
  4. 18 Year old girl disappears for 24 years, found with disturbing secret
  5. I think I know why they are chem-trailing with barium

Day 17

  1. Mile-wide UFO spotted by british airline pilot
  2. Alan watts on how to make yourself a better person
  3. Ancient egypr 2017 cover-up
  4. China’s quantum computer teleportation & and why we need a quantum firewall
  5. Nikola Tesla & Einstein expose secret of intuition
  6. The reality of truth
  7. 5 things we know about 432 Hz vs 440 Hz

Day 18

  1. Sky watchers in Amarillo Texas Photographs secret military aircraft
  2. Teenager builds tiny house

Day 19

  1. Things ruining your life (without you knowing)
  2. 6 secret cities that prove we don’t know what’s really going on
  3. How to deal with people trying to distract you from your divine path
  4. Strange scriptures we have never seen anything like this
  5. the oldest DNA reveals …
  6. Our fate? Don’t watch this video…if you’re happy living a lie

Day 20:

  1. Sugar: The bitter truth

Day 21

  1. David Icke – 2017 – Humanity at a crossroads
  2. A better description of entropy
  3. David Icke – the murder of princess diana
  4. Virginity fraud | TEDx
  5. Time Paradox: Why pleasure is fleeting and pain endures
  6. What does coffee do to your body and mind?
  7. “Object M82” is transmitting alien signals?

Day 22

  1. The toxicity of aluminium adjuvants
  2. Aluminum toxicity
  3. Does the sphinx have a secret door
  4. Unknown chamber discovered in sphinx head
  5. A visual guide to bayesian thinking

Day 23

  1. Synchronicities, ringing in the ears

Day 24

  1. The grand tour: why are modern cars as dull as refrigerators
  2. The future we’re building | Elon Musk TEDx
  3. Picatrix: An ancient manuscript that teaches how to obtain energy from the cosmos
  4. What you need to know about human energy
  5. How to gain control of your free time
  6. Build mental models to enhance your focus
  7. CBC News: U.S. Nuclear weapons have been compromised by UFO’s
  8. A train and it’s station found on mars

Day 25

  1. Chris Cornell: Suicide epidemic – Why? Russell Brand
  2. How to retrain your subconscious mind for success
  3. Why controlling the masses through media no longer works
  4. How we chase dopamine: porn, social media, and alcohol
  5. A japanses technique to overcome laziness
  6. This couple have spent 7 years in the new zealand wilderness

Day 26

  1. Oroville [dam] update
  2. Why do people get thyroid problems

Day 27

  1. 8 intelligences: Are you a jack of all trades or a master of one? | Howard Gardner
  2. Manchester and the gross hypocrisy of the ‘moral west’ | David Icke

Day 28

  1. The youth understand truth when they see it
  2. How to break habits
  3. Agafia. Hermit surviving in russian wildeness for 70 years
  4. Society is being programmed by a black box
  5. Aluminum poisoning: Causes, effects & detox
  6. See the 1,000-year-old windmills still in use today
  7. Starting a homestead? Better watch this video first
  8. Dr. Andrew Wakefield Discusses his “discredited” study
  9. Why Uber is a scam
  10. 5 signs you’re not getting enough vitamins

Day 29

  1. David Icke talks vaccines with the kink
  2. Lucid Dreaming! (How to lucid dream in 5 minutes – control your dreams)
  3. The golden calf
  4. Begin Japanology
  5. What you need to know about targeted individuals and electronic weaponry
  6. Here, cutting down millions of trees is actually a good thing
  7. How did america not see this coming
  8. Tim Allen exposes what’s going on in holywood
  9. what happens if you stop eating sugar
  10. This truth actually aired in 1981
  11. Do we live in a computer simulation
  12. Trump walked up to israel’s western wall and did the unthinkable
  13. Jimmy Carter brilliantly explains how the establishment gave use trump

Day 30

  1. Our democracy no longer represents the people TEDx
  2. Neuroscientist shows what fasting does to your brain & why
  3. Woman lives in a tiny house so she can travel the world

Day 31

  1. How the future of work is not “jobs” TEDx

It looks pretty bad when it’s all listed like that, huh!?


  1. I ought to do a similar thing with Facebook: hours spent on there, number of posts which wound me up, number of useful dialogues etc. The trouble is, there’s too much stuff out there and most of it seems interesting or worthwhile, but I don’t spend enough time taking it in and pondering it

    • Good idea. I guess I could do a post on my Top 5 Youtube Videos from last month… although, I might end up watching some again >.<

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