The Mockingjay

Those that are familiar with The Hunger Games series of books and films will know of the Mockingjay; a fictional bird created by the author Suzanne Collins. I received the trilogy of books last December and have worked my way through the first one this month and then watched the film; I’d not seen it before, only caught glimpses. In these series the lead character wears a pin depicting a Mockingjay holding an arrow and it becomes an emblem and feature throughout.

Regular readers of my blog may recall that I published a series of posts recently about David Icke’s talk on Agenda 21. He began that talk by referring to The Hunger Games and I could appreciate why, and I kept much of what he talked about in my mind as I read Collins’ book. How could I not?

I’ve also just started reading a book Richard Dawkins published back in 1996 called Climbing Mount Improbable, the first chapter, and I suppose the rest of the book is generally based around Darwin’s Theory of Evolution; he wrote it following his series of “Christmas Lectures for Children” back in 1991. In the first chapter of the book Dawkins explains how we as humans are very good at seeing faces in things, like in cloud formations; we are good at pattern recognition, we are also good at imagining things as a TED talk with Elon Musk informs me just now.

Then, in this trail of stuff that might or might not be connected (for which you are asking me where am I going with this) I found myself on a Youtube video about how U.S. Nuclear Weapons have been compromised by UFO’S (I’ve had an interest in UFOs and the like for many years) this 10+ minute video clip is actually an American CBS News piece and towards the end there is a quick and almost irrelevant mention of Mazlan Othman and a picture of her. Othman is a “Malaysian Astrophysicist” who served as “Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs”. I mention this because in that picture she is wearing a pin, a pin that my pattern-recognizing mind tells me is a Mockingjay, but my rational mind tries to dismiss.


David Icke’s talk on Agenda 21:…/david-ickes-agenda-21…

Richard Dawkin’s Christmas Lecture:…f

That TED talk with Elon Musk:

That CBS News clip:

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