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Yeah, time for another Outlook (aka Hotmail) rant…

Just recently they invented a feature whereby they magically sort my incoming mail that is destined for my Inbox into “Focused” and “Other”.

From the get-go I couldn’t figure it out. Surely the feature is powered by some cleaver algorithm, but with little hint to me the user about how it would actually determine what was important to me and what wasn’t (as their swanky accompanying “explanatory” video was probably trying to show me before I got bored).

Thankfully, hidden away in Settings, there is the option to turn off this nonsense; I was wasting time chasing down what it had moved where and trying to figure out the logic behind it for it to be any use to me. I have my Inbox and I have my Junk Email folder, with those I know what ends up where.

I guess they had nothing better to do in the office on that day; the feature is probably useful to them and is, as I type this, cleverly sorting the incoming complaints about the latest nonsense feature into the Other box… or maybe Focused one… or even into Spam… I really don’t know.


  1. Completely agree. On similar lines why does Facebook think it can determine what are “Top Stories”?
    I’d much prefer to read posts from my contacts in the order they happen.

    • I stopped using Facebook a few years back, but I guess they too are trying to be clever… it’s a shame if there isn’t an option to organise posts in the order you want.

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