David Icke’s ‘Agenda 21’ – Part II

This is Part II of my thoughts on and mingled with David Icke’s talk about Agenda 21 [see Part I and the video here]. Some topics might reappear from Part I (everything really overlaps), but this section covers the following:

  • Creativity and Empathy (more in Part III)

  • Alien races / Archons / Lizard Beings (more in Part III)

  • more on Hunger Games

  • High Speed Rail and NATO

  • more on Stonehenge and ancient Egypt / Pyramids (more in Part III)

  • The economy

  • London Olympics

  • Chem Trails

  • Pollution and more on global warming including weather manipulation


  • Nikola Tesla and free energy

  • more on Vaccinations

  • Bees and food diversity

  • Housing crisis, food shortages and closing services

  • Money, debt, and the banking system

  • Police forces, teachers and education (continued in Part III)

By 23:00 Icke brings in “Creativity”, he later (43:00) brings in empathy, and I think these two things go hand-in-hand (more on empathy later), especially when there is a lack. If you know Icke then you will know he talks about these alien races, like the lizard beings, which is one of those hard-to-digest tangents he ventures off on, but here he talks about the Archons, which apparently have no creativity. Agenda 21 features this lack of creativity in building design, but it’s also born out through our schooling. Then back to the Hunger Games reference he talks about high speed rail links, which is a topic that keeps rearing it’s head here in the UK as often as the one about building a tunnel under Stonehenge; both of which I don’t buy into. ‘They’ try and sell us on the benefits of increased economy, but then the costs (which continually escalate, and will continue to do so, like the London Olympics) are stupidly vast. I didn’t know that there was also talk in America of high speed rail links also. I had assumed it was all about money for the big construction companies, nothing really “conspiracy” beyond this, but Icke finds a link with NATO.

Then at 25:00, if you’re interested, it’s the topic of Chem Trails. This is a topic that I feel I should buy into, but for some reason I don’t. I can understand how pollution causes global warming, which in turn is a form of weather manipulation; at first you just think things will gradually get warmer and warmer, but the Earth doesn’t seem to respond in this smooth fashion, instead we experience extreme weather, places fluctuating between floods and droughts.

There are links with HAARP and reveals a strange discovery publicised by a Professor Kosuki Hakki, an expert with GPS signals, who in using the term “Haarpquake” says: “One hour before an earthquake in Japan and the one in Chile in 2002 there were more electrons coming through the Ionosphere…” Then we come to Nikola Tesla which links to my recent studies into ancient Egyptian and other pyramids around the world which, as others explain, were a form of energy generation, harvesting, and transmission. Nikola was himself pushing for free wireless energy. I learn from a series I found on Youtube called Pyramid Code how the Nile river has shifted over time; it used to run along side the Giza Plateau and other pyramid sites, and supplied them. The same feature I had leaned about regarding the Ziggurat of Ur [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MB7i1h3whn4]. In the former documentary I leaned of a stone circle found in the Egyptian desert and I subsequently used Google Maps’ satellite imagery to find that the River Avon winding through southern England likely passed much closer to Stonehenge than it does today. I wonder now, with my conspiracy theorist’s hat on, how the implementation of a “road” tunnel might work in conjunction with this revelation; perhaps there is a hidden plan to return this source of water to the site since part of the dual carriageway already in place seems to run along where the river used to.

Coincidentally, the chemtrails are said to contain, among other things, aluminium. This is also used in vaccinations.

It is said that weather manipulation is used to destroy farms and crops so that, again, the smaller producers are forced out of business so that the big corporations can move in. Moving on to bees and through how we treat our crops we are having a devastating impact here; we’re significantly limiting our food diversity and a plant’s ability to germinate naturally (this ability is bread out of things).

The housing crisis: There are apparently 3.5 million people homeless in the United States, yet there are 18.5 million vacant homes. Perhaps the story is similar here in the UK, yet all we hear is the call to build more homes.

The system isn’t broken, it was built this way.”

The worry is that we’re controlled like animals; think how we withhold food and give treats to encourage desired behaviour, except we’re capable of so much. Inflicted food shortages or increasing costs of food give this impression. The closing of local services from banks to Post Offices, mean we’re cut off, another means of control; eventually everything will be done online… until someone pulls the plug.

There is talk about the banking system; I’ve talked about money before, and anyone that borrows money (which includes buying things on credit) is buying into the system, which is one of debt. There is talk of the boom and bust cycle; the former stage gives us confidence to buy into it, borrowing more, then bust, where we have fear and control. The aim, it is claimed, is for a single currency. The financial system is a joke when we consider how much each country is in debt, the UK: One Trillion Pounds, the US: 16 Trillion Dollars. I’m not sure how many 0s that is, but as Icke says, in truth they’re bankrupt, yet they can afford to go to war (more on war later). Debt = Control. Then there are credit ratings agencies, which make people behave in further strange ways: “I have a poor rating because I haven’t borrowed any money before, so I can’t get a mortgage for a house…” This behaviour seems to be “taught” through the education system, where there is also student debt; I don’t recall ever having a lesson about how to manage personal finances, instead we were shown how to count money encouraged to open a savings account. Icke says that what schools really teach is:

  1. Truth comes from authority

  2. Intelligence is the ability to remember and repeat

  3. Accurate memory and repetition are rewarded

  4. Non-compliance is punished

  5. Conform: Intellectually and socially

Here is Part III: bmhonline.wordpress.com/2017/03/23/david-ickes-agenda-21-part-iii

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