David Icke’s ‘Agenda 21’ – all about ‘the plan to kill you’ – Part I

Icke opened my eyes a number of years back when I read his book Children of the Matrix. I saw so much truth in it. These days I come across videos of his on Youtube from time to time (there’s plenty of them). A lot of what he talks about can be hard to digest or get your head around, other stuff, again, sounds like truth to me, further stuff, probably from the hard to digest category, just sounds wacko – but hey, I think he’d agree that we should question everything, including him (other people go as far as questioning his motives, being “a multi millionaire with a Bentley and a gated mansion and all that; he has posted a personal video countering this claim). The problem is with “people like this”, Icke I mean, is that they risk talking loud enough for long enough that they become background noise; some of his videos (and others on “conspiracy topics” I have read about and watched) do sound like this now to my ears at least, and I was beginning to avoid such videos for this reason, feeling saturated by it all, but this particular one; wow, there was a lot of what I have come to term as my truths here, the stuff that echoes how I see the world (if something visual can indeed echo). Of course I could have been absorbing this stuff for long enough that my views have just become theirs, but I hope that’s not something that has come about too blindly.

This particular video is an hour an a half long; this is him talking for this long, boy he can talk but I pretty much lost myself in it for the duration. He also swears a lot, it’s a sign of his enthusiasm, but if you’re sensitive to such language, as I am, then you should be aware of this. The risk with “people like this” is you do get drawn in because they are such good talkers. You have to then take a step back and try and take in and process what they just said, which is tough when it’s over an hour! So that is what I will do here, I will go back and go through and list the points of interest and chip in with my stuff along the way, this is therefore a mix of his stuff with some of my own references along the way; a mix of his views and mine, or neither, just stuff.

I’ve spread this across a four posts; I can hardly believe how many topics were covered. Here is a rough table of contents for what I have combined into a first part, which is approximately the first 25 minutes of the video alone, but there is a fair amount of overlap as you’ll see:

Part I:

  • The Hunger Games (more in Part II)
  • Violence, pornography and obscenity in the media and movies
  • New World Order
  • Climate change (more in Part II and III)
  • Population control
  • World leaders
  • Technology (more in Part III)
  • Surveillance and control
  • 1984/We
  • Edward Snowden
  • Settlement divisions
  • Walmart FEMA camps
  • Bill Gates
  • Stonehenge and ancient Egypt / Pyramids (more in Part II and III)
  • Vaccinations, drugs, and GM food (more in Part II)

If that list is enticing enough to you, here is the video. Otherwise, read on.

[Sadly, Icke and his videos were removed from Youtube in 2020]

Icke begins by referencing The Hunger Games movie (which, by the way, is based on some books, which I have, although yet to read), depicting how in the future world different sectors would be fenced off, just like we are seeing today, and being controlled by an Elite, this and everything else you can believe or deny as you see fit. He compares this to what a certain Dr Richard Day said in 1969:

Violence, pornography and obscenity in the media and movies will be increase to desensitise people to violence and porn and make them feel that life is short, precarious and brutish.”

A lecture by Day was attended by a Dr. Lawrence Dunegan for which there is a transcript available here [https://100777.com/nwo/barbarians], although sadly the page shows the availability of a downloadable .mp3 file to listen to instead, but it’s not there.

Icke says that those behind the New World Order are using “climate change” as a means to justify de-industrialisation and the end of democracy. I don’t agree with Icke’s stance here as it shirks our responsibility for climate change, but I can see the truth in where we are heading; “something will have to give”.

He lists the outline for this Agenda 21, this idea to ultimately cull the majority of the population, and this includes things like control of the family unit (something which Russia recently said they were keeping out of, with outrage from the West, when it comes to domestic violence), people being told what jobs they are to have (this reminds me of The City of Ember).

He then puts up this bunch of logos, two of which grab my attention:

First, the “Sirian Seal” which I have blogged about before, and what looks similar to the Second Life logo – Second Life being the virtual world I have been doing battle with for a long time on an internet addiction campaign.

Then he talks about Zbigniew Brzezinski who worked with Barack Obama, and Jimmy Carter, and wrote a “prophetic book” called Between Two Ages: America’s role in the Technetronic Era (1970). Icke quotes this extract:

The technetronic era involves gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and mainstream up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizens. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

While this echoes dystopic novels such as George Orwell’s 1984 (1949) and Yevgeny Zamyatin’s We (1921), (either of which could be the basis for Brzezinski’s viewpoint) I picture Edward Snowden shrugging at this point, as if to say “this is what I’ve been telling you all”. You do know that the US government has a law in place that gives it free rein over all data held by, and access to systems created by US corporations, right? That’s e-mails read, and smart TVs with webcams, amongst pretty much everything else. Yeah, “it’s no big deal if you have nothing to hide”.

After a few minutes Icke then throws up some maps of the world and explains how the world will supposedly be divided up by 2050, into “human settlement zones”.

I don’t quite buy into this part as far as the actual geographical divisions are concerned (although the title is scary enough), but I can see some resemblance between this and how Scotland wanted its independence from the rest of the UK, and then the UK wanted independence from Europe (Brexit), but then Scotland wanted to remain in Europe, it could be said that the split between Northern Ireland and the Republic fits this agenda also. Apparently this zoning will lead to population culling, from 7bn to 500m, yes really. I came across fears of this idea recently when I read for the fist time of so-called FEMA camps at Walmart stores in America [link: https://whentheancientsspeakblog.wordpress.com/2016/12/26/first-blog-post]. In 1979 the Georgia Guidestones appeared, astronomically aligned like Stonehenge, with different languages on, talking about this population control.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gets mentioned, for which I find myself at a Bill Gates Ted Talk here: https://www.quora.com/What-does-Bill-Gates-mean-when-he-says-that-we-can-reduce-world-population-through-vaccines-healthcare-and-reproductive-health-services

Of course logic dictates that something has to give, if we’re able to improve our health and live longer and have hardly any children dying during child birth; our planet is of a finite size (or is it?!).

With the talk of population control (cumulatively) through vaccinations (poisoning the immune system of babies and very small children) I have been reading (and watching videos) about this recently too, not about population control per se, but the doubting of the claimed functionality of vaccines (look up Dr. Suzanne Humphries for more on this) and the rise in ADHD. Then there is GM food (a bigger problem in the US than here in the UK, but I question the nutritional density of our modern-day fruits and vegetable which have been manipulated to the hilt (animals too), perhaps the addition of processed sugar is a part of this also, something I blogged about recently. Fluoride in drinking water comes up, for which I have talked about before too, and Icke makes a link with Chemtrails, which apparently combine to produce aluminium fluoride and thus leads to mass sedation and dementia. It apparently causes more human cancer death, faster than any other chemical. It calcifies the pineal gland, which as far as mystical stuff and spirituality is concerned, is not a good thing.

Manufactured disease (thanks to “big pharma”), and radiation are other means of cumulative affect and control. First through immunisation, and then through the plethora of drugs prescribed to us, we’re taught that our bodies can’t cope on their own. Later as our freedoms are taken from us we get a sense that we have no power at all; we’re dumbed down. All these things could be having an effect on us so “subtly” that we scarcely notice, and if we do then we are being called paranoid or delusional. (3rd generation rats that are fed GM food become sterile).

Then there is talk of bans on growing food, such as in community gardens. Perhaps this is a “growing” issue in the US (pun not intended) since Icke is talking here mostly about the green variety, but if I think about things like Foot and Mouth, and Swine and Bird Flu, I can see his point; here it seems we are controlled primarily through fear; heaven forbid if anyone didn’t comply with the regulations and keep their free-range chickens indoors.

This was again predicted by Dr Richard Day in 1969:

Growing food will be banned by saying it isn’t safe and the state and corporations will control all food production. The supply wand distribution of food will be monitored so that no-one can give food to a fugitive system.”

I see how small independent food suppliers are bullied by the big supermarkets, who then gain a monopoly until no one has a choice where to shop (a problem again with the Walmart issue above).

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Here is Part II: bmhonline.wordpress.com/2017/03/22/david-ickes-agenda-21-part-ii


  1. I’m afraid I think David Icke is bonkers. That doesn’t mean that some of the tendencies he describes are not happening, but the idea that there is an overarching conspiracy is one I’ve never been able to believe in. Elites are not a homogenous mass; they often compete with one another, so that I doubt very much whether such a large-scale conspiracy would ever get off the ground. Doesn’t Icke also believe that politicians are literally lizards in disguise? Or has he retracted that one?

    • I am inclined to agree with you, not so much that he is bonkers, but I think what he describes is mostly just “human nature”, and as for the lizard thing, he still plays that line; it’s just his way of portraying this “darkness” they are, as he sees them.

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