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Water and Fluoride

Somehow I ended up on a “banned documentary” about the fluoride in water, or rather, added to water and other products. It’s largely about drinking water in the USA, whereas I’m the UK, but some areas here have fluoride added to the water. I’m no chemist or health expert so my technical explanations may be somewhat skewed, but I have a body I like to take care of so I have a vested interest in this stuff. In fact I mentioned water in a topic back in December, so it’s not such a new one. The video documentary I watched is quite an eye-opening one but leaves me a little puzzled about some things and sceptical about others.

In one part they’re talking about how fluoride shouldn’t be added to water, and then how the fluoride isn’t even fluoride but some questionable stuff imported cheaply from China. This hardly seems like a scientific basis for a complaint if you’re not being clear what it is you’re complaining about: fluoride added to water or stuff that’s labelled as fluoride being added to water? The rest of the video is generally about fluoride, although we should perhaps consider what else gets in there, in particular so called heavy metals.

I agree with the overall point about how fluoride, as a medicine, shouldn’t be inflicted on everyone, especially when, as with all medicines there are both claimed health benefits and health risks. This largely comes down to dosage and my own brief follow-up research supports my view.

Part of the video explains how different ethnicities are more susceptible to fluoride than others, and thus the effects of too much, or the side-effects, are more severe. Specifically the video highlights that “African Americans and Hispanics” are generally the ones at greater risk. While I don’t dispute this, my research leads me to the view that it’s not so much about too much Fluoride, but about a balance between Fluoride and Iodine. This is because from what I see, the symptoms of Iodine deficiency are that of excessive Fluoride. The problem then does indeed come back to the point about having a set fluoride dose inflicted on all; if you as an individual can’t control your fluoride intake because you find it added to drinking water (and thus ending up in everything else) you seemingly have to resort to counteracting it with a source of Iodine, although we would generally only do this once we notice there is a problem.

Strangely enough we can find a good source of iodine in fish, but then one has to wonder what effect excessive fluoride in the water has on fish and thus the iodine levels here. Do fish have naturally high iodine levels in order to mitigate the effects of fluoride for which they are more greatly subjected to, being creatures of the water and all? Then I ponder the fact that iodine tablets are what are handed out at areas with high levels of nuclear radiation, or a risk of.

My concerns about fluoride levels were supported when I ended up on a trail about the fluoride in tea. Tea for some reason, is generally high in fluoride, but the worrying thing is that “economy tea” has levels so high that can lead us to raise our fluoride levels/intake too high. I have so far found no explanation as to why this would be the case with economy tea, or what exactly the article means by economy tea; I would assume it means the cheapest bulk packaged stuff at the supermarket, but perhaps this is definition is too restrictive; are the levels diminished in line with cost as we look away from the cheapest tea?

The question of why this particular tea contains more fluoride is important. Is it being specifically added? Or is a high proportion of the tea (because such tea is blend of teas from different regions) from a region with a naturally high fluoride level in the water used to grow the tea plants, or is it a region that has artificially high fluoride levels?

This is important because it leads me on to other foods. We can begin with our fruit and vegetables and question if they’re grown in regions with high levels of fluoride in the water and if so are these artificially high levels, and then move on to meat and wonder if animals in certain regions are ingesting high levels of fluoride from the vegetation and feed they eat, naturally occurring or artificially added. We begin to see that our whole food chain is affected, or infected.

I then wonder what happens to the fluoride content in our “system” over time, our entire food chain. Does it degrade or are we just adding to it and adding to it as years go on? How are levels tests and how regularly?

Somewhat coincidentally I was intrigued by the recent news coming from America about a dam failing there. I say coincidentally because fluoride is actually highly corrosive; capable of pitting glass and dissolving concrete. It’s only in the “low levels” in the water supplies that supposedly make it safe to drink, but if a child eats a tube of toothpaste you should worry. The dam in question experienced a failure in the concrete of one of its spillways and it seems to me that a combination of a lack of action to repair this and improperly maintained water levels in the dam in readiness of the impending spring melt lead to the need to open up the emergency gates and dump masses of water down the hillside. Repair costs will now be higher and conspiracy theories are bounded about.

Returning to the topic of fluoride, I actually don’t “buy it” that whatever body or health department in the United States that determines fluoride should be added to the water there does so for the benefit of the population’s teeth. Of what benefit is it to this body? From my understanding this is a country with a private health service so if more people end up with bad teeth or bad health then the health service gets to make money treating these issues. Here in the UK we have a publicly-funded health service so it would seem to be in the best interests of the system to do what’s best for the populations health, although the pharmaceutical companies are still big business, so who knows.

The only thing that sways the whole thing, assuming the American system does want to encourage good health like (supposedly) the UK’s is that, as the video points out, there is an excess of “fluoride” from the manufacturing of fertilisers that needs disposing of and pouring it into the country’s drinking water is the cheapest way of doing this; they label the stuff as fluoride and then it becomes “safe”. This is seemingly where the earlier question of what it is that is bought in from China arises; even if it is fluoride, what else is in it?

This doesn’t quite make initial logical sense to me but I have an explanation regarding the reason for disposing this stuff in the drinking water. The claim is that if all this fluoride was added to natural water courses then fish would die. Somehow adding this to the tap (faucet) water in the current dosages doesn’t lead to our instant death, but instead slowly poisons us. This poisoning is so gradual that the symptoms generally creep on gradually also, and most people live out their lives with little wonder as to what has been done to them, after all, most of us are probably poisoning ourselves in various other ways during the course of our lifetime. My explanation is that because the effects on us are generally so slow, we are acting as, or being used as filters; if the fluoride was added to water courses where fish are, then the effects on them would be more obvious, by filtering it through our bodies first before releasing it onto the rest of the environment the effects are somewhat masked, or delayed.

The problems arise because fluoride, as with everything else, affects different people at different rates, in particular the black African Americans in the case of fluoride, but also for those that come into contact with higher levels (such as those working with the stuff) and/or those with more sensitive dispositions. Such people were used in the video documentary to allow us to see such people and “the effects fluoride has on people”, but this is where I am largely sceptical. A few unhealthy people who all worked in the same industry/environment who it is all claimed ended up with the same sorts of problems and looked to fluoride as the explanation found an explanation in fluoride but didn’t see other common factors such as perhaps similar diets, lifestyles and upbringings; maybe they all smoked the same substance after work at the local bar each day. I’m not trying to wholly discredit them but using these few cases in the video is hardly scientific evidence. As for people with degrees and those that have worked in such professions I have watched plenty of other videos on Youtube of people that have been chattering on about the same sort of things to start question “crackpot?” whenever I see another; such people can often still talk-the-talk with their encyclopaedic knowledge of the topic in question way better than I can.

This may be beside the point, even if one were to fill a room with crackpots and gave them the topic of fluoride to talk about, we should still have the right to choose what “medication” we take. Part of a silly reason for adding fluoride to everyone’s drinking water was to help the poorer members of the community that supposedly couldn’t afford toothpaste for their children, or were incapable of getting their kids to brush their teeth. I think for such children a lack of fluoride would be the least of their worries and inflicting fluoride on everyone else for their benefit seems somewhat silly, or blatant nonsense; after all, we could just drink plenty of tea using the cheapest of teabags to get our levels up, instead, some of us have to consider expensive filters to get the stuff back out.

And the reason for this post? Well perhaps a list of what fluoride does says it all:


One final confusion is that there is both fluoride in [some] pesticides and fluoride, it is claimed, is removed from the manufacturing process of pesticides, and this is where the Chinese get their fluoride from which they sell to the Americans to put in their water… oh, and the use of pesticides is linked to ADHD.

All this during a week when a client mentions his metallic-tasting tap (faucet) water and offers me a taste, only I smell it before I taste it, which was odd given my hit-or-miss sense of smell.

If you would like to now watch the video in question, here it is:

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4 comments on “Water and Fluoride

  1. taskerdunham
    18 February, 2017

    The point about inflicting it on people is a fair one, but I have to say that it was rare in my youth to have no fillings. Some had dentures before they were twenty. My kids haven’t a single filling between them, but then that’s probably as much down to regular use of fluoride toothpaste, and unlike me, not having a grandma who had a sweet shop.

    • Brian
      18 February, 2017

      They are some good points. I had wondered whilst writing the post about how the increased levels of sugar consumed have possibly counteracted the use of fluoride. Perhaps the use of fluoride has worked hand-in-hand with educating about the importance of regularly brushing our teeth.

  2. meltdblog
    19 February, 2017

    The iodine tablets are used for people exposed to fission products, and specifically iodine 131:
    Which is either from a nuclear accident releasing fission products or exposure to the material (fallout etc) of a fission bomb. Iodine is one of the few fission products which is readily taken up by humans and immediately after a release is the major hazard. By ingesting large doses of iodine the person will dilute any of the dangerous radioactive isotope and “flush” it out of their body, but with a half life of 8 days you only take the iodine for a few weeks as the danger disappears quickly.

    • Brian
      19 February, 2017

      Fascinating thank you, and here was me thinking there was just Iodine! Particularly interesting about that is doses; “high doses of the isotope are sometimes less dangerous than low doses”.

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