Valentine’s Day


I once wrote a piece about Mother’s Day, about its historical links with ancient Egypt and all that. This post will be somewhat short in comparison… perhaps there are some links somewhere with ancient Egypt once again, but if there are, they haven’t yet met with my circle of seekings.

The only thing I have to add really about Valentines Day is that it seems St. Valentine, who one might assume it is named after, has little to do with what Valentine’s Day is all about, and if he did it would probably be in contradiction with one of the Ten Commandments (which he should have been all about), namely about not worshipping idols. Or perhaps my recent ponderings about the Ten Commandments and that of Idolatry I’m taking a little too literally, or out of context, or following an incorrect meaning?

Come to think of it, many of our modern day festivities, well the main one certainly (Christmas) is about idolising, idolising Santa/Father Christmas, and those tech giants that give us all our wonderful stuff (Easter is about idolising chocolate, or rabbits). And even if you’re still succeeding in making it more about Jesus, then, well, you risk straying more towards idolatry once again.

To be honest, I haven’t finished my trail here. It turns out that after reading Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (I finished it last month) there are links between his ‘Parlement of Foules’ (also in my collection of his works) and this Day in question; I didn’t get round to reading that before posting this post. Coincidentally, as I have mentioned before, the Canterbury Tales ends with an essay about the Seven Deadly Sins, which (as we all know) include Lust; so evidently Chaucer knew his stuff.

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