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Wikipedia – spaces before citations

It has been over two years now since I made my first “Wikipedia contribution” and since then I’ve made a variety of small changes here and there, from minor corrections to text to adding whole paragraphs when I’ve found something to add (usually from books I’ve been reading).

Recently I’ve started to notice more and more the issue of spaces before citations, what I mean by this is best illustrated in the following example.


Compare green (correct) with red (incorrect).

Once you’ve noticed some, more and more kind of jump out at you on various pages! This has gotten to the point where I really can’t be bothered to log in and edit a page just for one or more of these spaces which shouldn’t be there, and instead I have created this post to simply air this rant!

“…citation markers are normally placed after adjacent punctuation such as periods and commas. For exceptions, see the Punctuation and footnotes section of the Manual of Style. Note also that no space is added before the citation marker.” – (my emphasis)

I could find out who incorrectly puts these spaces in before a citation on any given page, and politely contact them. Alternatively Wikipedia could implement a fix whereby a bot automatically flags (or corrects) such errors.


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