The UK’s nuclear missile programme, known as Trident, is back in the news after a failed test… well, the test worked, and the unarmed missile successfully went off in the wrong direction; towards Florida. It’s okay though, the Americans built it.

You’d think that after all this time “we’d” have perfected the art of firing missiles, especially when the missiles cost us millions of pounds. By “we”, I mean our team, powered by Tetley* but sponsored by Mattel.

“The first practical design of a submarine-based launch platform was developed by the Germans near the end of World War II involving a launch tube which contained a V-2 ballistic missile.” – Wikipedia

We’ve had the whole Cold War period since then, and now we’re still testing things and finding they don’t go where we want them to. It makes me wonder if any of them would have landed on target if someone had been called to press a trigger.

It’s all for show you know; it gives people jobs, even the people that aren’t sitting round drinking tea building these things (or pretending to) it demands that they/we get a job in order to funnel a portion into the community pot in the form of taxes; it has to look like efforts all round aren’t going to waste. And even those that aren’t working aren’t off the hook either, they generally still buy into the system by also using banks and buying stuff they don’t need.

Our prime minister Theresa May avoided answering repeated questions about “did she know” because, as is being said, it’s not in the interests of national security for us to speak openly about a “failed test”, however it could be that she didn’t know and being prime minister she should have; but one can be question whether prime ministers are as much puppets like the rest of us.

It doesn’t help our defence situation when enemies, whoever they are (probably governments like ours who need their people/citizens/slaves to believe their efforts in work, and their subsequent taxes, are all for the greater good), have cause to wonder if we are capable of launching such defences. It doesn’t help because Trident doesn’t need to work, it just needs to be believed to work, maybe just like when the Great Pyramid was built: “We’re going to build ttthhiiisss *opens arms wide/shows dramatic picture*”.

The least they could do though, the bomb-builders, whatever they’re called, lets call them Pharaohs, is make something that seems to work; it doesn’t even have to go bang at this stage, they can just say “we keep the nuclear stuff for the real ones” to make it look like we’re getting our monies’ worth “just keep buying into the system you see around you.” Even if it’s not specifically for money it’s keeping people occupied.

They, the Pharaohs, can be swanning about in their fancy uniforms, on their fancy submarines/thrones, while another department pretends to scrape the bottom of the barrel and claim the hospitals and care homes lack a few beds. What’s a few nuclear warheads compared to the cost of some beds?

Call me a sceptic if you will but just recently I read that the term “sceptic” doesn’t mean doubter (which might be more accurate here, I’m not sure) it actually means to question.

“The word sceptic comes from a Greek word meaning ‘I look about’, and a sceptic is one who looks about him before he comes to a decision … The founder of scepticism was Pyrrho who accompanied Alexander [the Great] on his expedition into India [that great land of Tea] … When Pyrrho came home, he devoted himself to living what we should now call the simple life [so as to avoid paying too much taxes, the fuel of a nonsensical system].” – Children’s Encyclopedia by Arthur Mee, p.3036


Theresa May questioned:

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