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A tunnel under Stonehenge

The topic of a Tunnel being constructed under Stonehenge is back in the news, three years after I originally posted this particular topic, and now thirteen years since I originally wrote about it.

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Image courtesy of SilaynneStock on deviantART Image courtesy of SilaynneStock on deviantART

[This topic was posted on 4th December 2014 following the then renewed Tunnel topic. As of January 2017 the topic has reared itself again.]

It was ten years ago that the idea of digging a tunnel under Stonehenge was in the news, I know because I mentioned it briefly on my website, and now the idea is back.

It is peculiar why these things resurface, and why now? Only a few months ago Barack Obama visited the site for the first time, then just after the latest tunnel announcement David Cameron visited the site – I’ve yet to see it in the flesh. I do live in an area (Anglesey in North Wales, UK) where there are standing stones though, Anglesey, and I have had an interest in such sites for many years – reading books about Stonehenge, Callanish in Scotland, the…

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This entry was posted on 15 January, 2017 by in History, News, Politics.
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