I miss the stats bar :(

For some reason, the powers-that-be at WordPress have elected to remove the stats bar:


I miss it.

Now I have to venture into my Admin page/Dashboard to see how popular I am my blog is at the moment.

One change I was notified about was the “Add Media” icon, which has now changed to a (+) icon. I dunno why; the previous icon seemed more intuitive, I can only assume the term “Media” was too restrictive for what the option includes, as it is now termed “Insert content” and a drop-down menu tells me you can now “Add Contact Form” (ideal for those that disable the automatic one at the end of each post, I guess.)


I would suggest that in windows like the “Insert content” box, that there be a Close ‘X’ in the top right in addition to the ‘Cancel’ button at the bottom for those times that you venture into it and change your mind. I guessed to press Esc (which works too) while my eyes were hunting for that ‘X’.

Of course that might get in the way of the magnifying glass they put there, for searching for images I’ve used previously, but they can replace that with an actual search box 😉

I might try holding my breath until the elves implement these things, which will obviously come after they’ve fiddled around with something else that isn’t actually broken. Love you WordPress 😉


One comment

  1. I totally agree. I liked the stats bar a lot – it showed you an immediate and clear picture of how your posts were doing. Don’t know why they felt it necessary to change it

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