A Quacking Day (or two)

I ended yesterday by writing the following in my diary:


And here are those snowy mountains…


And then today began!

Tuesday is usually ‘running with brother’ day, but as he was working, as he informed me when I checked my e-mail upon stepping out of bed, I decided to go for a short run on my own instead.

It was another cool day, with each field a slightly different shade of frost-green but when I got back home I was so well warmed up that I decided to have my morning cup of tea in the garden, even though it was probably only a few degrees above freezing (porridge would wait). I sat and read some more pages of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales; just a few more chapters/tales to go.

As I finished my cuppa, and my desire to read came to a-close, as did the book, I noticed the small bird’s fluttering around my garden in front of me. I recalled how the roofers had managed to decapitate my bird bath/bird seed holder a few months ago and how the little birds no longer received any seed from me until I purchased a new bird bath as I had intended to do.

However, the thought came to me to construct a bird-seed holding stand, from some unused roof battens no less. And after an hour of sawing and screwing the stand (of “magnificence” as like to call all my creations of late; the previous one being a “cupboard of magnificence”) came into being and I placed it on the slab where the old bird bath used to stand, and I tightened up the last couple of screws; I was impressed with how upright it stood considering I had not employed my spirit-level. I filled the feeder and within five minutes the little birds were enjoying seed once more (the birds work fast here; when I finally hung a bird house some weeks back it had new residents within 30 minutes).


[a picture of the bird feeder stand of magnificence will come soon but I forgot to photograph it and it’s night time now]

I then made my own breakfast (I can’t survive on tea alone) before heading out on my bike. My legs were a little stiff following yesterday’s ride, although seemingly less than expected thanks to a newly-found yoga sequence [link below], but I wanted to finally make it for coffee at a “£1 cafe” I had passed a couple of times but not yet popped in.

The route there would take me up past one of Anglesey’s highest peek (something I would be reminded of in a short while), to a little lake where I once “fished” with my dad (we certainly didn’t de-fish it, since we never seemed to catch anything, anywhere). Once beside the lake I decided to consume the sandwiches I still had in my pannier since yesterday when I didn’t need them.

Ahead of me on the mostly ice-covered water was a heard of ducks, fishing (at least they prove there are indeed fish in there), washing, and generally larking about (ducks always seem to be having a laugh and a joke about something).


It wasn’t until I’d finished my sandwiches and started to pack up that four of the ducks that had separated from the rest of the group had begun to waddle my way up a little narrow pathway in the brambles on the bank. I apologised that they had come too late and that I had no bread left for them; they didn’t seem too offended and instead blessed me with their company, pottering about in front of me, almost within petting distance although one was quite a size. I had a nice little chat with them – they seemed quite tame – although I did suggest that perhaps they shouldn’t be playing about on the road, although I’m sure they knew best.


I calmly mounted my bike for the descent down the other side of the hill/mountain (it’s called a mountain (myndd) in welsh), bidding my farewell to the friendly winged creatures, taking my time since the road showed signs of iciness on this side.

At the bottom I arrived at the £1 cafe, so named because each item of food or drink is priced at only £1 since it is run by volunteers with proceeds going to a charity. Inside is a variety of crafts; I have actually been in before but this was perhaps 8 years ago, and back when it was only a craft shop.

Inside and into the warmth I met a friendly lady and gentleman; the lady was knitting a penguin and the guy, being a cyclist too got chatting with me about my ride. It turned out he lived on the mountain with the lake and we discussed many of the climbs on Anglesey and beyond, reminding me of my endeavour earlier this year to visit each of the top 5 peaks and the time I was defeated my Sychnant Pass [link below].

Some other people and crafters arrived and I started to wonder what crafting abilities I have; I used to like doing a few creative things but my mind was blank, then I continued on my way and just partly up the road I remembered the bird feeder stand I had constructed that very morning!

That was quite a quacking day I think, perhaps I have The Secret to thank for this, which I was reminded of yesterday [link below].


New found yoga sequence for cyclists: https://thebikeescape.wordpress.com/2016/10/20/the-ultimate-yoga-routine-for-cyclists

Anglesey high points: https://bmhonline.wordpress.com/2016/02/24/anglesey-high-point-2

Sychnant Pass: http://www.gtleisure.co.uk/walks/cw10/cw10615.htm

The Secret: https://bmhonline.wordpress.com/2016/11/28/rules-to-live-by

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