Were you taught what you believe?

I received an e-mail a little while back from MyTrendingStories.com claiming to have come across my blog, and admiring what I have done, stating that my writing abilities and my “ability to engage readers was remarkable”, and then inviting me to contribute to their website in the form of supplying topics on… beauty. Hmmm.

I wasn’t convinced, after all, it read and looked like a generic e-mail, and I don’t recall having written about beauty before. Anyway, I checked out their website and found a topic titled: “Why this [American] Christian believes in the separation of Church and State.”

When the author was a child they had noticed the removal of prayer time from school and questioned why and their mom gave the response: “Who would choose which prayers will be taught? There is no guarantee that Christians will always be in the majority. Would you want your future children or grandchildren to go to a school where they must say that Jesus was just a prophet or that Buddha is a god?”

The thing is, this is from someone that went to school and were taught that Jesus was something more than a prophet, and that Buddha isn’t god; you aren’t just born knowing these things. You can’t prove these things one way or the other and therefore, as it seems to me, this is why prayer time was taken out of schools, and why non-Christian parents were probably objecting.

If you’re scared of having your kids brainwashed in school, then take them out of school. That’s my simple solution.

I can remember prayer time at school, it would form part of our school assemblies, and I’m pretty sure such teachings (because anything that goes on around a young child is teaching them something) have influenced how my brain works to this day.

Not everyone is the same though, and this is where I’m trying to figure myself out. I learned certain things about Jesus, I learned the Christmas story and all that, yet I do believe Jesus was “just a prophet”. I prayed to God and went to church, yet I feel no compulsion to do either now; even questioning the idea that there is “a God” as some depict “him”. I hear how people fear the installation of Sharia Law, but I quite like The Ten Commandments, and think that if everyone, regardless of faith, just aspired to them then we could abolish the rest of the stupidly complex legal system.


(who by the way, was an Egyptian God)


Now to think of something to write about beauty…


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