10,500 B.C.

10,500 B.C. is a date that crops up a lot in books about ancient civilisations such as the lost city of Atlantis and of course while I was watching an old documentary on Youtube called “The Flood, or A Quest for Atlantis” it was obviously going to crop up again. And it did.

These things, 10,500 B.C. and Atlantis are often associated with The Great Flood, and the end of the last ice age. The date is said to be programmed into various ancient things like Stone Henge and The Great Pyramid of Egypt; it’s like they all recognise the importance of that time.

There were two things that struck me during this documentary, which was less obviously going to occur since I feel like I’ve heard it all before.

The first was how this period in time, 10,500 B.C. saw “temperatures shoot upwards in a matter of years by 5 degrees”, the second was how the great flood was described as a “natural disaster”.

The first seems highly coincidental considering such graphs as Al Gore has publicised regarding our own issue of global temperatures shooting up, and the second, given the first is claimed to be due to the pollution we have been and continue to inflict on the planet, make me wonder about the second point regarding the temperature rising in 10,500 B.C. what if it wasn’t a natural disaster? What if it was man-made to?

The technological development of the human race doesn’t follow the straight line that is widely believed and technological advanced sites such as Stone Henge and The Great Pyramid (which we struggle to explain the purpose of) are prime examples of this.

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