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Kabbalah and The Tree of Life Challenge

I borrowed this book from one of my local libraries…


Kabbalah, understanding the mysteries of, – exploring the ancient esoteric heart of Jewish Mysticism, by Maggy Whitehouse

As with most books I borrow and read I make notes, so when I came across the first of many diagrams of The Tree of Life, I scribbled down a copy of it.


Here’s the challenge: Copy down your own before reading on.


Here is my copy:


Little did I know when I was sketching my own copy that later on in the book it revealed that “Making a freehand drawing of the Tree of Life is a way of identifying the psychological make-up of an individual person…”


I’m not sure what my squashed up version means, but it seems I have good balance between the right and left, but perhaps a lack of communication between the two; kind of like between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. I suspect, due to the incomplete circles for some parts that my Wisdom and Judgement are incomplete, but I have a good Understanding of things.

I’m glad I’d drawn it before I learned that how someone draws it can reveal an insight, since had I known that, I would have consciously drawn it better/differently.


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