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Outlook’s 2-stage Sign in

Back in April (2016) I posted a quick rant about Yahoo! changing its Sign in page to a two-stage affair, affecting Flickr also. At this time Outlook (formerly Hotmail) had also changed its Sign in page; it was still a single ‘click to Sign in’ process but the E-mail address box had lost its ability to remember my e-mail address, meaning I have to type it in every time. Now Outlook has joined Yahoo! in turning its Sign in process into a two-stage annoyance where you have to put in your E-mail address and click Next before you can put in your password before finally signing in. Yay.


I still wonder what benefit this is. Perhaps there’s a security one whereby bots don’t find it so easy to auto log-in. Perhaps it is one of these things that benefit tablet users but thwart the rest of us (stragglers) still using proper computers. Who knows really; a little notice on the page acknowledging the change with a “Click here to find out more” would be nice, but we’re just the muggles users after all.

I’ll also take this opportunity to comment on how sluggish Outlook/Hotmail has been since the earlier changes; it seems, at least on first loading my Inbox, I have to wait for the advert on the right to show before I can open an E-mail, if I click any sooner then the E-mail tends to open up blank, for an eternity for at least a good few seconds.

Click here for April’s rant:


2 comments on “Outlook’s 2-stage Sign in

  1. taskerdunham
    8 November, 2016

    Yet on our family tablet at startup we can log in to microsoft with a four digit pin number! It’s the “we are microsoft /bt/yahoo/outlook and we know better than you what you want” attitude. We’ll choose which directories (NOT folders) you’ll put things in and which programs (NOT apps) you’ll use. I grew up with 1980s command line interfaces. I was an early user of the internet or arpanet as we knew it then, with an address. If I ever want to look at it (not really) I have all my email going back to 1985. But like everyone else, I’ve gradually been changed into a muggle. Having to wait for an advert to load is just evil.

    • Brian
      8 November, 2016

      The irony… Windows PC users have a two stage login process, and Apple users can log in to Outlook with a four digit pin!

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