Star Children

I have been meandering around the topic of ‘Indigo Children’ for some time. It was one that sparked an interest in me, for one reason or another; perhaps I just liked liked the colour in the name. Eventually this lead onto the broader topic of Star Children, for which Indigos are said to be a part of, along with Crystal and Rainbow Children.

Not familiar with such things? They are labels for special or gifted children; highly sensitive, sometimes they are recognisable as having autism.

Indigo children, according to a pseudoscientific New Age concept, are children who are believed to possess special, unusual, and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities. – Wikipedia

Some believe they are or have been abducted by aliens or have spirit or angel guides, that they have a purpose on this planet that is of a higher order than ‘us mere mortals’, something to guide the human race onto something bigger and better, beyond all the bad stuff like greed, hatred and wars. They are said to be distinguished by the colour of their auras. So really, if you’re new to this, you might be thinking “crazy….” about now, but perhaps read on either way!

I think it’s a shame to class some people as particularly special or gifted in this way; it’s like saying some of us have a soul while others do not. To me it seems that for those that don’t think they or anyone is anything particularly special just means they are failing to see their light; and I think we all have a light and purpose on this planet, we just don’t always see it, or perhaps we stray away from it at some point and onto a darker path.

I ended up watching a few lengthy videos on Youtube of Mary Rodwell who talks at great lengths about Star Children; she’s like an official spokes person on the topic, but I have dispersed a few other videos throughout this blog post to act as references along the way; perhaps scroll past them on your way down and come back to them to learn more at the end.

With this topic I also think, maybe it’s just down to personality types; some of us are loud extroverts who go at things with the subtlety of a hammer, while others of us are the quiet introvert sitting in the background wondering how we can get everyone to see a gentle-gentle approach, such at the INFJ Personality for which there is a relevant link at the end of this topic.

Then at other times I pondered popular culture; considering the place of gifted children who feature in sci-fi moves, like the spoon-bender in The Matrix, the attendees at Hogwarts, or more recently (and perhaps similarly) Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children…

There are also the Tomorrow Children and Charles Francis Xavier’s students in X-Men.

Of course these are made to be fantastical for added effect but I always wonder (or “dream”, if I want to keep my ‘Sane’ hat on) if there is an element of truth in them, or if I want to put my ‘Sceptic’ hat on I think these films could not only make us wonder, but perhaps in greater measure dumb us all down, keep us in our place (as mere mortals) and make us believe that’s all silly magical nonsense and no place for real human beings. What a shame.

Then returning to the mention of autism, and I have to admit to vague understanding of such things and their classifications, so please forgive me, but “down’s syndrome” is also thrown about, and it is said how loving and caring such children are and that, in the context of Star Children, that they’re here to show us this way.

Then I hear about how it’s possible to detect while a baby is still in its mother’s womb if it has Down’s syndrome, in order to give the mother the opportunity to terminate the pregnancy. What shock horror if such children are something special this planet should be blessed with (and of course what shock horror anyway if you’re anti-abortion).

And then even when a child/we make it into this world so much happens to us that seems to dumb us down and limit what we’re capable of. There is the whole nature vs nurture argument, what diet we’re brought up on, what drugs we’re subjected to, and also vaccinations. This is an hour long video but I’ve linked it when the topic of vaccinations comes up:

I came across, I believe coincidentally, an old-ish video of Tom Cruise of all people arguing against the use of drugs for chemical imbalances in the brain, for which he argued there is no such thing; it’s quite compelling.

I feel I have to look past his acting in this clip; he is an actor after all and for such a person it is hard to see the line between him and his roll and he finds himself playing it.

Perhaps with this topic in mind we have to consider what food we eat, what effects sugar and caffeine have on us, an also EMFs; the electo-magnetic fields given off by not only the electronic equipment in our homes, the effects the screens might have on us dazzling us with their blue lights, but in the very wiring and outside our homes in the form of pylons and telephone masts. Sure, it’s all crazy pseudoscience!

Then while I’m doing research on another topic I come across a Youtube video of Daniel Tammet; a child genius who can do massive calculations in his head, learn a language in a week, and remember and recall Pi to many more decimal places than I can (although there have been many more since). Impressive stuff and I’m sure I’d seen the featured clip on television some years back. Sure this is all amazing but it should highlight what all our minds are capable of.

Another case is of Orlando Serral who features briefly at the end of that video. In these cases, of Savant Syndrome, it might take a bout of mental trauma (such as severe epileptic seizure in Tammets case, or a knock to the head as in Serral’s case) but it’s almost like dropping your Windows phone and turning it on to find it greeting you with an apple. Serral can recall the weather conditions on any given day since the day of his head injury and the way he describes how he doesn’t know how he knows the answer, and how it comes to him it seems to me similar to how the subconscious mind works, like our intuition; except we get trained out of listening to it and following it up. The only reason I keep reading books that go over my head is because I’m convinced I absorb them on an unconscious level that I can’t readily recall but still influence my understanding of the world, for the better, even if I can’t explain it.

Coincidentally there is another popular name that crops up with Savants, and that is Kim Peek. The coincidence is that the film Rain Man, is about a savant called Raymond, who is based on Kim Peek, co-stars Tom Cruise.

So I repeat: Whether you think you’re a Star Child; Indigo Child or otherwise, or you think your child or grandchild is, I think these gifts we have to seek in everyone and ourselves; I can’t accept that some of us aren’t all that, or that I am something and someone isn’t; I think we all have the potential and we can either use our time here to draw it out of ourselves or others, so that we can all progress onto something more; we’ve evolved this far after all.

Some Links:

Down’s Syndrome:

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