The Gaia Conspiracy


This is what I searched for after I heard about how the Gaia space craft has plotted over a billion stars and needs our help.

For some reason I wondered if there were any conspiracy theorists calling into question the project. I didn’t find any of those but I did find, first, skymaps produced by ESA’s Gaia probe, and then, second, I found myself on a web page all about “Gaia”; the idea that the Earth is conscious.

The first find made me ponder the map in relation to my earlier post about ‘Flat Earth’ and how we may or may not be at the centre of our universe, and the big question of why we are here; what is our purpose.

My second find addressed this latter point.

The website about Gaia maintains that the Earth is conscious, or is becoming conscious and we are a part of this process; we are conscious. But why?

Why are we conscious?

It seems to be a grand stage of evolution; we are conscious because we have evolved this far to be so. This only explains that it is “just part of the process” but does not explain “why” from the underlying purpose of it all (if indeed there is one).

I believe there is an underlying purpose.

I don’t know what that purpose is but one thing the Gaia page did highlight for me, and that was that consciousness is necessary. When it comes to our bodily functions such as breathing, digesting, and keeping warm, our bodies maintain themselves pretty well; we don’t have to think about every breath, how our digesting food moves through our gut or if we should start sweating or not. But, we are able to consciously affect our breathing, we can calm ourselves down or take a deep breath before diving into a swimming pool, we can decide what we want to eat for a meal and how to cook it, we can also plan days in advance what to eat, and we can choose to put on a warm sweater or turn on central heating. We can do all these things consciously when prior to evolving this far there was no need.

Why is there a need to be conscious now?

When it comes to functions beyond the realms of our own bodies we are also capable of affecting our world. We can not only put on a warm sweater or turn on heating in our own homes, or open a window to let more fresh air in, but we can also affect the heat of our own planet; we can change the climate of regions by planting or chopping down trees, we can dry up rivers or create reservoirs, we can pump gasses into our planet’s atmosphere.

Our planet does a marvelous job of maintaining the salinity of our oceans and the oxygen content of our air; two vital components that maintain our own survival. If the planet is alive and working towards some sort of consciousness, as the Gaia website explains, then we are a fundamental part of this; we can affect thing (through our consciousness) in such a way that was not possible previously – our technologies that link us together throughout the world, sending us detailed accounts of wars, famines, earth quakes and tsunamis, often within minutes and seconds, rather than days, weeks or month or patchy word-of-mouth in the cases of ancient myths – these are all a part of our evolution, the evolution of our planet, the evolution of our (ourselves and our planet’s) consciousness.

We just have to use our consciousness responsibility.

We need to work together with our planet to keep it on its right path, it’s evolutionary path of consciousness so it and we fulfill whatever need/purpose/future lays ahead of us, rather than hindering the progress.

As with my earlier post, the Gaia web page not only looks to this bigger picture, but looks inwards to our own issues. In contrast to my earlier post about internet addiction the Gaia page says how there are people with “self-destructive activities that they are unable to stop: drinking, eating, scratching themselves raw, ruining their relationships, hurting their children. They don’t want to be doing these things and they aren’t fully conscious of why they do. Our culture is full of this kind of addictive self-destruction … [This is a wound and] Until the wound is healed, the organism cannot go on to become what it is meant to be.” We cause wounds for ourselves and we cause a wound for our planet.”

“Humanity stands on the brink of a quantum leap in evolution. The effects of a global change in consciousness are truly cosmic, shrinking by comparison the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Cold War, and the advent of computers. We have an enormous opportunity if we can recognize it before we destroy our chance. The Gaean Conspiracy is based on the belief that planetary awakening will occur through the mutual recognition and coordination of _all_ our major systems. [But] This process extends beyond our lifetime.” Which makes it difficult for the short-sighted among us, that look for the quick fixes and the fast buck.


You can read the full page here:

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