Time for a sweater

Yesterday, the 1st of October, I found myself donning a sweater for the fist time since the summer ended. I was still wearing shorts around the house until recently too but when stepping outside to chat to the workmen on my roof, and to hand them cups of tea and coffee, I found it pretty chilly.

Back at the end of March when British Summertime began I stopped heating my home and instead braved out the 10’c chilly temperatures in my kitchen in the mornings until gradually, day-by-day, it got warmer – it has been +15’c until just recently. I also keenly watched my new low amount of electricity usage; I tried to get it as low as possible, I got it down to £5 a week, but my compulsion to log into Second Life thwarted any further progress. Now though, with my roof still undergoing repairs (it hasn’t had any slate on it, or windows in it, for a month now) I wake up to it being 14’c in my bedroom; my bedroom alarm clock tells me this, as do my aching knees.

When I said I stopped heating my home I meant I stopped leaving computers on in each room; these were participating in SETI@home. I’ve missed taking part in this project and as the summer months rolled on I looked forward to joining in again, but then with my roof repairs I have gained a large supply of firewood, and this means I can’t justify using computers/electricity or oil to heat my home.

The plan was to not heat my home for the duration of British Summertime, and I still have a month to go. It would also be futile for me to put my heating on now until my roof repairs are complete, and then I wonder how long/how much heating will be needed to dry my houses out; I’ve had a whole month with no slate on my roof; the roofer seems somewhat ignorant to what effect this is having… rain running down the walls, rippling wallpaper, wet patches on the ceilings, strategically placed buckets, turning the electric off at night just in case water gets into a plug socket or wiring… I’m way too calm and polite for my own good it seems; had I not been a young guy living on my own with some kind of bravado-esque attitude about “roughing it” it would have been a different story.

Anyway, there are a few ways to deal with the cold months ahead, and I like to work my way through them in this order:

  1. Wrap up warm
  2. Go out on a bike ride
  3. Cut some wood
  4. Put heating on


    • Initially the roof was covered over, but then when it was ‘felted’ and battened I think they thought that was sufficient to keep the rain off… either way, rain ran down the walls of the chimneys at each end.

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